Sex tips for wheelchair users

Sex tips for wheelchair users

People who have become disabled, even those who are partially paralysed, should not have to put an end to their sex life. They should be able to experience sexual pleasure no less than healthy people. To prove it, Romance Compass rounds up 5 ways in which disabled people can have sex the same as anyone else – possibly even better.

When someone is disabled, they need to find solutions and ways around everyday things. This includes sex, and can, in some cases, make those everyday things even better. For many people with disabilities, their sexual life can become even richer and more pleasant than it is for healthy people. Sexual reactions change, and this makes it possible to open new erogenous zones. In some cases, despite a spinal cord injury, men may have an erection, coitus, and even orgasm.

Let’s provide an example of a man who cannot walk and does not feel his body at all below the belt, but at the same time says that he has discovered new erogenous zones. He does not experience such dramatic sensations during orgasm, but every day, he enjoys his discovery more and more.

If a disabled man has a poorly functioning penis, this does not mean he can’t have a sex life of any description. If we talk about returning to sexual life after an injury, then age becomes a decisive factor: young people adapt more easily and they are more willing to look for new ways to get pleasure. In this case, men are more worried because of the loss of body functions, but sexually, they can still be active, in whatever form that takes.

  1. Showing sexuality is normal, even if your body is imperfect

Healthy people are always interested in how people with disabilities have sex. Disabled people have it. A lot and often, and that’s fine. You will understand this if you’re not disabled and enter into an intimate relationship with a disabled person.

Sadly, for some people, the fact that disabled people, like everyone else, make love, does not come to mind. But there are many couples where one partner has a disability and the second is not. Disability does not make us flawed sexual partners. As a rule, it does not affect our desires.

  1. It is important to listen and hear your partner

Some couples never discuss their intimate life. Because talking about sex is also tabooed. Some men and women are seized by a wave of burning shame when they try to voice their fantasies and feelings. Without a preliminary discussion of sexual positions, permissible gestures, and other nuances, it is unlikely that the result will be good.

Frankness takes a relationship to a new level. It happens when you expose not only the body but also the soul of a person. You begin to trust each other fully and, most importantly, listen to the desires of your partner.

  1. Sex does not come down to sexual intercourse

Having sex when one or both of you have physical limitations will teach you both to be creative. In an effort to give each other maximum pleasure, you will search and find unexpected erogenous zones together. You will also understand that sex is more than sexual intercourse.

  1. Forget about having sex while standing

This is one of the basic rules for a wheelchair user. But if you imagine how many other options there are, this restriction becomes nonsense. It is necessary to communicate without constraint in order to make sex comfortable and pleasurable for you both.

  1. Sex is a constant search for new sensations

The main thing is not to hesitate in offering something new to a partner and not to be afraid of being refused. Experimentation and openness are key to healthy sex lives after injury or disability.

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By Romance Compass

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