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Presenting with finesse!

Delivering presentations is becoming a greater aspect of many employment roles and interview processes. As someone with a mobility impairment, I often wondered if there was anything I could do

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Pre Recruitment Training: Still one of best ways to help talented disabled jobseekers beat the competition

Regular DH contributor, Mark Wilson, who worked for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for over 35 years shares an article about the usefulness of pre-recruitment courses for disabled

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A profile of Paul Carter of Markthree Media

DH journalist, Sarah Ismail, features Paul Carter, a co-director of Markthree Media, an award winning television production company. Paul Carter doesn’t have an ‘official name’ for his disability, but he

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Starting your own business – Startup 101!

Want to start your own business? Rich Donovan, a disabled entrepreneur based in New York City who has started several successful businesses, shares an article with Disability Horizons on his

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A tale of fate, irony and happy endings

New DH contributor, Jane Hatton, a finalist of the Stelios Disabled Entrepreneurs Award in 2008, founded and runs Evenbreak, a not-for-profit specialist job board for disabled job seekers. Jane shares

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The power of volunteering

Sarah Levis, a blogger from Canada shares another insightful article about her experience of voluntary work and how it helped in her search to find paid employment. In my last

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From university to the world of work

DH co-editor, Srin recounts some thoughts and experiences from several years ago when he was finishing his studies and moving into – what was for him – the unknown world

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Work experience: a taste of working life in the big city

New DH contributor, Catherine Alexander, is a university student who recently went down to London to complete a work experience placement during her summer vacation. She kindly shares with us

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CLARITY Employment for Blind People: helping disabled people into employment!

Adelina Chalmers, who publishes a blog called The Geek Whisperer, writes about a fantastic organisation which helps people who are blind into employment. Whilst I was putting together some final

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Employment and disability: a personal perspective

New DH contributor, Sarah Levis, a blogger from Canada shares a moving personal insight into her experience of trying to find employment and kindly offers some thoughts for others facing