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Service dogs: mans’ best friend

Pets can be a wonderful addition to your life, especially a service dog. Believing in the healing powers of pets, Daniela Baker shares the benefits of having a service dog. The decision to obtain

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XENI: fashionable clothing for disabled women

Ann Olivier talks to Disability Horizons about how she came to start her own clothing line, XENI, for people with disabilities, amidst coping with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I’m Ann Olivier,

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Differing disabilities, one community

Through shared understanding of how a disability can limit a person, friends Blake and Marissa discuss the importance of creating a community, reaching out to others and gaining an understanding

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Disability and exercise: can they go hand in hand?

In the second of our Nokia Accessibility technology series, Co-Editor Srin Madipalli tests out the Thera-Vital exercise bike, the latest in technology enabling people with mobility limitations to exercise.   When it comes

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Ask the readers: relationships special – April 2012

In the second of our “Ask the readers” series of articles, we share with you some relationship-related questions that  readers have sent in. If you can assist with any of

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Tilly Smiles: inspiring disabled children

Following on from the inspiring story of how twelve-year-old, Tilly Griffiths, never lets her disability get in the way of adventure, we’re thrilled to hear about Tilly’s book, Tilly Smiles,

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Ask the readers

Today we launch the first of our “Ask the readers” series of articles where we invite readers to respond to practical questions that members of the Disability Horizons community have

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Adventures from a wheelchair

Proud mum, Jackie, tells Disability Horizons how her daughter, twelve-year-old Tilly Griffiths, has never allowed her disability to stand in the way of adventure. Tilly was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular

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Q&A with Nicholas Hamilton

19-year-old Nicholas Hamilton, brother of Formula1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton, has cerebral palsy and has recently begun racing himself. Just over one year ago Nicholas relied on the use of a wheelchair, but his determination and courage to

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Conquering Ben Nevis in a wheelchair

New Disability Horizons contributor, Mark Cooper, who has cerebral palsy, tells us about his mammoth journey climbing the 1,344 metres to the top of Ben Nevis. Hi! I’m Mark Cooper