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Changes and Challenges: Disability Horizons in 2012

Happy New Year!!!! The launch 2011 marked the launch of Disability Horizons with my long-time friend Martyn. We had nothing in terms of resources to spend and we had to

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2011: The year of action

Following on from Martyn’s recent article, DH co-editor, Srin Madipalli, shares an article with his thoughts on the year that has been. As I write this article, it is New

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Does basic instinct = basic right? The honest courtesan’s view

Following on from Ben Davies’ recent article on relationships, we received a flurry of emails, comments and posts on the subject of paying for sex. At Disability Horizons, we thought

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2011: The year I aimed for the stars

As we come to the end of the year, DH co-editor Martyn Sibley shares some thoughts of the year that has been. My fellow co-editor of up and coming magazine

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A Merry Christmas!

…”Dashing through the snow In a one horse open [wheelchair] O’er the fields we go [and get stuck] Laughing [and crying] all the way Bells on [back castor wheels] ring

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The Model Interview: Q&A with Shannon Murray

Shannon Murray is a model, actress, writer and TV presenter from the UK who has trailblazed the way forward in raising the profile of disabled people in mainstream media. Last

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Differently Disabled

…”Suddenly I am differently disabled and frankly it’s a bit of a shock”… says new DH contributor, Mark Wilson, who shares this insightful article on how his life changed when

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Changing Landscapes: a story about living with HIV 30 years on

On December the 1st 2011, it is International AIDS Day; it is thirty years since the beginnings of the AIDS pandemic. Danny West, who contracted HIV in 1985, tells his story

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Max’s journey

New DH contributor, Nicola (@nickynoona), shares this moving and inspiring article about her son, Max who has Asperger’s Syndrome. My story is about my son Max who is now 12

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A profile of Kaliya Franklin – a trailblazer in online campaigning for disability rights

Regular DH contributor, Sarah Ismail, shares this fantastic article on Kaliya Franklin. A tireless campaigner for disability rights who has been a pioneer in online campaigning via her blog, The