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Graeae Theatre Company campaigns to #SaveTheILF Will you join them?

“You have to kill your neighbour to survive, it’s selfishness that keeps a man alive,” scream the poignant lyrics of Brecht and Weill’s The Threepenny Opera Act 2 Finale.  These

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Closure of the Independent Living Fund: there are questions to be answered

Why is the closure of the Independent Living Fund important (ILF)? What does it have to do with you, or me? And just what does independent living really mean? Lorraine

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Speak Out 4 Care: get your voice heard

Disability Horizons supports Alana Inness’s petition to stop more disabled and older people falling out of the care system, like her brother James nearly did. In October of this year

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Disability Rights UK: where are we at and what do we need to do

Philip Connolly, new Policy and Communications Manager at Disability Rights UK, tells us about where he thinks we stand on disability rights in 2014, and what we need to for the

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#DisabledAcheivers: The importance of help and support

The recent tragic deaths of three disabled children with spinal muscular atrophy, who were allegedly murdered by their mother, has rocked the disabled community around the world. Disability Horizons Co-editor,

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Is disability a political issue?

Next year, in fact in fourteen months time, there will be a general election. In the build-up, the lobbying and posturing, the canvassing and polling, the TV reports and the

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Disability and development: our voices must be heard

For many people with disabilities across the world, development through education or programmes just isn’t available or accessible to them. But this must change. We talk to Mahesh Chandrasekar, International

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Disability and poverty: what are the minimum standards of living?

With the cost of living rising and the squeeze being felt by the nation, the topic is rarely out of the news. Regular contributor Lorraine Gradwell asks what is deemed

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Making waves: taking the adult respite campaign to Parliament

At the beginning of last year, Robert Watson wrote for us about how respite care for people over 21 is scarce and current provisions are being cut. To make the

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‘Bedroom Tax’ letting disabled people go hungry

The Welfare Reform Act 2012 was introduced in March of that year to try to remedy the global financial crisis that led to the collapse of major banks and other