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The need for investment in social care

Did you recently read or hear about David Weir and his housing situation? Despite his huge success he still lives in an awkward and inaccessible house. Imagine, if a 6

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Celebrating all children: autism and disability in China

New Disability Horizons contributor, Meghan Hussey, talks about disability in China and how it relates to UNICEF’s annual report The State of the World’s Children, which is focused on children

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DH Summit 2013

What will tower over subjects as important as the ones treated in the G8 Summits? What is gaining as much international recognition as the BRICS Summits? Yes, you’ve got it:

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“Welfare is not a Lifestyle Choice”… neither is Disability!

New Disability Horizons contributor, Emily Buchanan, who regularly writes for the Huffington Post, shares her views on upcoming changes to the Disability Living Allowance. Cuts – it’s a word we’ve

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Extra! Extra! DH Newsletter – Read all about it…!

As you know, here at Team DH, we are always trying to find – and use – new ways of communicating with our reader community! To catch up with articles

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Putting the future in our own hands

New DH contributor, Imogen May, shares this interesting piece on the effect on changes in welfare legislation will effect the lives of people with disabilities and their ability to live

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A profile of Kaliya Franklin – a trailblazer in online campaigning for disability rights

Regular DH contributor, Sarah Ismail, shares this fantastic article on Kaliya Franklin. A tireless campaigner for disability rights who has been a pioneer in online campaigning via her blog, The

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Q&A with Anne Begg MP

UK Member of Parliament, Dame Anne Begg MP kindly took some time out to chat to Disability Horizons and share her amazing story. Her website perfectly summarises how “Anne was elected

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When ‘Accessible’ is not Acceptable

New DH contributor, Rob Bracewell, shares a thought provoking article on the issue of whether accessible transport provides a customer experience that is of an equal quality to that received

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Will the digital age be accessible?

New DH contributor, Clive Gilbert from London, UK, shares a thought provoking article on whether advances in digital technology will be accessible to individuals with disabilities. It seems almost a