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Disability Horizons Co-founder Martyn Sibley voted third most influential disabled person

The Disability Power 100 list covers successful disabled people in politics, media, sport and entertainment. Produced by Powerful Media and sponsored by The Shaw Trust, it creates important discussions around being

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Why are ‘systematic violations’ of disability rights not newsworthy?

It was recently discovered that the United Nations’ (UN) has found ‘systematic violations’ regarding the UK’s compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Yet the

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United Nations International Day for Persons with Disabilities: has it been forgotten about in the UK?

This weekend is the United Nations International Day for Persons with Disabilities (UNIDPD), an annual day aimed at raising issues around disability rights across the world. But Paul Lindoewood from Disability

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Life is a journey – so enjoy the scenery

Wheelchair user Chiara tells us about how she found herself on the Erasmus challenge, an exchange programme that transfers people all over the world. It was an adventure she never expected

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Disability rights: let’s make a change together

The older generation, who gave us our disability rights, left an amazing legacy. So now it’s our turn. Editor of Disability United, Fleur Perry, talks about how we all need

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Common reactions to disability: 5 types of people we’ll all recognise

Everyone likes to people watch. Whether you are sitting in a busy cafe or out doing the weekly shop, it’s natural to observe people and wonder who they are, where

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Rio 2016 Paralympics: yes I can, but only if I can get there

Disability Horizons’ social commentator Fleur Perry, and editor of our new sister site, Disability United, tells us why she’s not wholeheartedly excited about the Paralympics, and how it is a stark reminder

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Brexit: what needs to change after the political fallout

Social commentator and Editor of Disability United, Fleur Perry, talks through the political fallout from Brexit and what issues must been addressed to improve disabled people’s lives and rights. Brexit political

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Brexit: what does it mean for disabled people

No matter what side you were on, remain or leave, Brexit has bought about a high level of uncertainty for us all. But what does it mean for disabled people

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New horizons are coming as we launch Disability United

As you know, here on Disability Horizons we cover all things lifestyle – from sex and relationships to sport and fitness – all to enable you to live your life