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The big book launch!

DH’s co-editor, Martyn Sibley, writes about his book launch and the inspiration behind the Disability Diamond Theory. In taking the step from being a disability charity fundraiser into the untitled

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iPads And Cerebral Palsy – A Modern Communication Aid?

Regular DH contributor, Sarah Ismail, writes about how the iPad has become just as much a mobility / communication aid as it is a lifestyle product. I’m sure that when

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News round-up, week ending 19th September

John Pring, who runs the Disability News Service, publishes his weekly news round-ups of the happenings in the disability world the past week. • Furious disabled activists are proposing a boycott

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Sustainable livelihoods

Disability Horizons covers the work of a special project in rural India to support disabled people to start their own business. The project is managed by ADD India, the Indian

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News round-up, week ending 12th September

… “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!!”… shout Srin and Martyn from Horizons HQ, as  journalist John Pring (who runs the Disability News Service) publishes the first of his weekly

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Understanding the “Living” in the Disability Living Allowance

DH’s co-editor Martyn Sibley writes about the impact that the proposed changes to the Disability Living Allowance will have on the ability of disabled people to access travel and leisure,

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Education and technology

Blogger and regular DH contributor, Sarah Ismail, writes about her personal experience of using technology while at school and how the increasing mainstream use of IT can help other disabled

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The London Underground – An accessible future?

Transport for London (“TfL”) who are responsible for managing the London Underground are currently investing billions of pounds to upgrade the network in a process that will continue over the

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Disability, what’s that?

Journalist – Elizabeth Ransome – and publisher of the blog Inspire, questions whether the word disabled holds more meaning than it should? Stop for a second before you read this

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Disability representation in the media

Disability Horizons contributor Sarah Ismail writes about the portrayal of disability in the media and provides an analysis of the current state of affairs. When I was asked to write