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Autism initiative: could Hillary Clinton’s plans work in the UK?

Everyone might be talking about Donald Trump, but we want to focus on one of his opponents for a moment, former Secretary of Department Hillary Clinton. In January 2016 Hillary

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Why I never listen to doctors and why you shouldn’t either

I swear I know more about my condition than 90% of the doctors I’ve ever seen, and that was before I started doing my own research. Here’s the most shocking

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Budget 2016 and the disability cuts

As always, the UK budget announcements are controversial. But the 2016 budget seems to have created more of a stir than usual. Why? Because the government were planning on cutting

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Why I don’t mind being patronised by strangers because I’m disabled

We’ve all heard the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover or patronise people, and this can be particularly true if you’re disabled. But writer George Baker says he doesn’t

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An update on our Six Month Academy mentee Marni Smyth, and why you should donate to SMA Support UK

Back in August 2015 we launched the Six Month Academy, a mentoring scheme, which we created in partnership with SMA Support UK. Out of all the applicants, we picked design

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Employment and Support Allowance: plan to cut it defended

Last week the House of Lords voted against the government’s attempt to abolish the Work Related Activities Group for new claimants from the Employment and Support Allowance. This would have seen unemployed disabled

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Disability rights: what should happen in 2016

The last few years have been tough for many disabled people. But with a clear and collective voice championing better disability rights, there can be change. So as 2015 draws

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Disabled People Against Cuts: driving for change

On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we wanted to highlight an organisation fighting for change for disable people. Disabled People Against Cuts is one of the most outspoken

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DH Podcast: Dicky and Marv on… independent living

In the latest edition of Dicky and Marv they discuss Independent Living. With one growing up in Grimsby and the other in Cambridge; learn how they battled to leave home

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Social Model of Leadership: why disabled people are the leaders of tomorrow

The Social Model of Leadership (SML) aims to empower people with disabilities and highlight how valuable our unique viewpoints are.  The model was developed by people living with disabilities and