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The Undateables: what’s it doing for disabled people?

Today sees the return of Channel 4′s disability dating show, The Undateables, a programme that follows a group of disabled people during their quest to find love. The past two series have caused

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Outsiders Jamboree: a life-changing experience

My name is Andy Crowe and on Monday 24th September 2012 at the Doodle Bar near Battersea Park, London, I took a step into the unknown and attended the Outsiders

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Sex On Wheels: what did you think?

Did you watch the new Channel 4 documentary Sex on Wheels? Laura Chapman, a freelance writer and wheelchair user, gives her views on the new TV show. You can’t help

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Becky Adams: disability and sex at Para-doxies

By now it’s likely that everyone has heard of ex-Madam Becky Adams, who runs a not-for-profit organisation specifically designed for disabled people to fulfill their sexual needs. But where did

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Guest post: can disabled people continue to share intimacy using mobility aids?

Whether you’re able-bodied or disabled, it should be irrelevant when it comes to sharing intimacy with a partner. So, we talk to The Mobility Store about mobility aids that can

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Faiza Siddiqui: my sex life after injury

Disability and sex is one taboo we are adamant on breaking, so as thousands celebrate Valentine’s Day, we talk to writer Faiza Siddiqui about embracing her sexuality after sustaining a severe

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Is it OK for disabled people to visit an escort?

Following the news that famous Madam Becky Adams hopes to open and disabled-only brothel in the UK, a lot people have got in touch with Disability Horizons recently to air

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Night of the Senses: accessibility and sexual expression

Dr Tuppy Owens, founder of the members club Outsiders, talks to Disability Horizons about the latest fundraising event – Night of the Senses – that celebrates sexual expression and accessibility. This year was the

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Book review: Desires Reborn by Penny Pepper

Kirsty Liddiard, an academic currently based at Ryerson University, Toronto, reviews the book Desires Reborn, a collection of unique short erotic stories unashamedly exploring sex and disability. Desires Reborn begins

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Sexual expression and The Rose Centre

Last month, Kirsty Liddard wrote the article Reclaiming our sexual stories for Disability Horizons. Now she talks to us about The Rose Centre for Young People with Disabilities which aims