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GlassOuse assistive technology review and chance to WIN the £330 glasses

Disability Horizons reader John Vickers recently reviewed new assistive technology the GlassOuse glasses for us. It’s claimed to help you control your computer, phone, tablet or TV using small head

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Awesome communication apps and assistive technology from CES

New regular Disability Horizons writer and self-confessed tech geek Tom Housden, who has Cerebral Palsy, will be rounding up the latest communication apps and assistive technology. This month he looks

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Naidex 2017: top 5 mobility aids

UPDATE: Naidex 2018 will be on the 25th and 26th April 2018 – you can get FREE Naidex tickets here. Naidex 2018: top 5 mobility aids Naidex 2018: top 5 assistive technologies

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Assistive technology: we review communication software Grid 3

New regular Disability Horizons writer, Tom Housden, who has Cerebral Palsy, will be rounding up the latest communication apps and assistive technology. This month he looks at Grid 3, a

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Disability Academy: new online resource offering in-depth advice and support

Disability Horizons CEO and Co-founder Martyn Sibley announces new online resource Disability Academy. It’s your one-stop-shop for comprehensive information covering everything from travel to employment. Read on to find out what benefits

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Top 10 apps for disabled people

We all like to live as independently as possible, and for disabled people, technology and apps are an invaluable aid to achieving this. It seems that everyone nowadays owns a smartphone

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Assistive technology: 5 of the coolest gadgets

Assistive technology comes in all shapes and sizes these days. From wheelchairs to mobility scooters and mobile apps to kitchen utensils. Here, we round up 5 of the coolest assistive gadgets

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The Mobility Roadshow: top products to look out for

Visit The Mobility Roadshow, on from the 26th to 28th May, for inspirational independent living solutions and a variety of specialist products for people with restricted mobility. This year we’ll

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Survey designed to improve the accessibility of websites

The Click-Away Pound Survey was created by Rick Williams to provide website owners with hard data about the business case for accessible websites. And so far the results are convincing.

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AbilityNet: making technology accessible for all

Accessible technology is playing a large part in making disabled people’s lives easier. To recognise new innovations in technology for disabled people, every year AbilitNet awards the latest inventions that are making