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We’re back!

Apologies for being out of action for a little while! Martyn and I mistakenly thought we could easily use this whole “internet thing” that seems to be taking the world

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Deaf People and The Cyborg

DH’s latest contributor, John Walker (who is the Covenor of Deaf Studies at the University of Sussex) publishes a blog called Deaf Capital. John very kindly allows DH to re-publish

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New Horizons: moving from the online world to the real world

As referenced in a recent blog post, I have not been so prolific with my article writing of late. In all honesty my efforts have been on grasping self employment,

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Preparing for the big upgrade!

Hello and welcome to this fourth edition of Disability Horizons! We’re keeping our opening article a little shorter than usual as we have been busy preparing for next month’s big

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The London Underground – An accessible future?

Transport for London (“TfL”) who are responsible for managing the London Underground are currently investing billions of pounds to upgrade the network in a process that will continue over the

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New media, new beginnings

Hello and welcome to the third edition of Disability Horizons! We have another collection of amazing stories from some very amazing people, most of whom got in touch with us

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Welcome to Disability Horizons!

Welcome to Disability Horizons! We are the duo of Srin and Martyn and as co-editors we would like to introduce and welcome you to our new online magazine, Disability Horizons!