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Listen In the true spirit of innovation one man is paving the way in field of accessible road crossings. Gavin…

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UNESCO’s Inclusive Policy Lab

Listen The world is in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals. At the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals…

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Where Can Unpaid Carers Find Support?

Listen An unpaid carer is someone who provides essential care and support to a family member, friend or neighbour. It…

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How to Make Transport Accessible? We need your help!

Listen The government has launched a Draft Transport Accessibility Action Plan, and wants to know what you think. The Draft…

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Supporters Show Care Act Appeal Matters

Listen Last February, the High Court found that Oxfordshire County Council was not in breach of the Care Act 2014…

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Don’t be Bitten by Loan Sharks!

Listen Question: I am a disabled lady who lives alone. I don’t receive much Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and sometimes…

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1 in 4 Councils Won’t Act on Taxi Discrimination Law

Listen A new law requiring taxi drivers not to discriminate against wheelchair users came into force on 6th April 2017.…

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Is Your Council on This List?

Listen New taxi laws to prevent discrimination against wheelchair users only count in areas where an S167 list is in…

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A Ramp? In This Street?

Listen One article from around the web recently prompted our social media followers to new levels of emoji uses: planning…

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Petition to Demand Trains Provide Assistance

Listen A petition has been launched on to demand the end of driver only operated trains which may discriminate…

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