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Q&A with Anne Begg MP

UK Member of Parliament, Dame Anne Begg MP kindly took some time out to chat to Disability Horizons and share her amazing story. Her website perfectly summarises how “Anne was elected

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When ‘Accessible’ is not Acceptable

New DH contributor, Rob Bracewell, shares a thought provoking article on the issue of whether accessible transport provides a customer experience that is of an equal quality to that received

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Will the digital age be accessible?

New DH contributor, Clive Gilbert from London, UK, shares a thought provoking article on whether advances in digital technology will be accessible to individuals with disabilities. It seems almost a

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UK Disability History Month!

Sarah Ismail shares an article about the upcoming UK Disability History Month and a recent pre-launch event she attended. On Thursday, 22nd September, I attended the pre-launch event for UK

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Trailblazing the way forward: making cinemas accessible

Seeing the latest film at a local cinema is something that millions of people up and down the country enjoy on a regular basis. However, the standard of access at

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Employment and disability: a personal perspective

New DH contributor, Sarah Levis, a blogger from Canada shares a moving personal insight into her experience of trying to find employment and kindly offers some thoughts for others facing

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The big book launch!

DH’s co-editor, Martyn Sibley, writes about his book launch and the inspiration behind the Disability Diamond Theory. In taking the step from being a disability charity fundraiser into the untitled

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iPads And Cerebral Palsy – A Modern Communication Aid?

Regular DH contributor, Sarah Ismail, writes about how the iPad has become just as much a mobility / communication aid as it is a lifestyle product. I’m sure that when

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Sustainable livelihoods

Disability Horizons covers the work of a special project in rural India to support disabled people to start their own business. The project is managed by ADD India, the Indian

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Understanding the “Living” in the Disability Living Allowance

DH’s co-editor Martyn Sibley writes about the impact that the proposed changes to the Disability Living Allowance will have on the ability of disabled people to access travel and leisure,