Data Privacy Compliance Specialist

Posted: 21 Jan 2022
Location: Kidlington, Oxfordshire
Closes: 21 Feb 2022
Reference: R32128_1642786377

JOB PROFILE: Data Privacy Compliance Specialist II / III


  • Supports business owners of products and systems with advice and guidance regarding personal data privacy compliancy, in the context of organization and regulatory requirements.
  • Collaborates with Legal, Data Protection and Privacy Office, Technology (incl. Security) departments, and with the owners of products and systems, and:
    • identifies personal data business risks in products and systems,
    • establishes and monitors actions to eliminate personal data business risks, and
    • reviews and approves Data Subject Rights (DSR) procedures, Personal Data Inventories, Retention Policies, Data Processing Register (OneTrust) entries, and Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA’s) (from the business perspective).
  • Coordinates the administration of privacycompliancy of Research systems and products to ensure the protection of personal data complies with organization and regulatory requirements.
    • Ensures the availability of completed and approved Data Subject Rights (DSR) procedures, Personal Data Inventory, Retention Policy per product / system.
    • Ensures the availability of a completed and approved Data Processing Register (OneTrust) entry per product / system.
    • Ensures the availability of a completed and approved Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) per product / system when appropriate (e.g., new product / system or significant changes to existing product / system).


  • Is recognized as data privacy expert and lead within the function.
  • Has specialized depth and/or breadth of data privacy compliance.
  • Is experienced in ensuring privacy compliance in products and systems.
  • Interprets internal or external business issues in data privacy compliance.
  • Recommends best practices to meet data privacy requirements.
  • Analyzes complex privacy situations concerning products and systems.
  • Has ability to distil complex info to clear written and spoken guidance.
  • Solves complex product and system privacy problems.
  • Takes a broad perspective to identify innovative solutions.
  • Works independently, with guidance in only the most complex situations.
  • Pays attention to details, when reviewing privacy documentation.
  • Convinces others to follow required steps to privacy compliance.
  • Has a passion for user privacy.
  • Trains/mentors junior staff.


  • Functional Knowledge: Serves as a data privacy expert to business owners. Masters European GDPR regulation at least at a medium level. Understands technology and web systems design and development, incl. data flows and data management.
  • Business Expertise: Interprets regulation and internal guidance to recommend best practices to ensure privacy compliancy in products and systems.
  • Leadership: Serves as a best practices/quality resource.
  • Problem Solving: Guides others in resolving complex privacy issues.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Educates and influences to follow required steps to privacy compliance in a complex matrix organization, with product and system stakeholders in different teams.
  • Organizational skills: Is highly structured and capable of managing (incl. progressing, monitoring, and documenting) multiple activities and their outcomes in parallel.


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