Crossing Countries: challenging boundaries, changing lives

The Crossing Countries team has just returned from their second volunteering trip to Durban, South Africa. Crossing Countries is a new social enterprise that enables disabled people to volunteer abroad by matching a disabled person (the Traveller) with a non-disabled ‘Travel Pal’ to work together, with the support of a team leader, to fundraise and plan their trip. The idea grew from my work

Rugby World Cup: accessible London transport

With the Rugby World Cup in full swing, London’s public transport will soon be bustling with people flocking to watch various matches across the capital, including Twickenham stadium, the home of England rugby. If you’re travelling to see one of the games at Twickenham, watch our video on the accessibility of the London underground, where Co-editor Martyn Sibley talks you though

Accessible air travel: it’s good, but needs to be so much better

Co-editor Martyn Sibley talks about his experiences of flying with a disability and what still needs to be done to make air travel more accessible. Fortunately air travel is possible for many disabled people nowadays, but the process is often scary and sometimes problematic. Plus, although I say many can travel, there are still some people who cannot be transferred onto the

10 accessible coastal walks

Here’s an interesting fact, wherever you are in Britain, you are never more than 75 miles away from the coast! This really means you’re never more than 75 miles away from Britain’s most popular tourist attraction and best of all, it’s free! Robert Obey explains. If you’ve visited our blog you’ll know there’s nothing more we love than a

This week on Accomable…

Every week, we’ll be posting a selection of holiday rentals that have been posted to our new listing service, Accomable. So if you’re looking for that perfect place to get away and have a break, take a look at some of these… A cosy house above Prague Castle The house is set in a lovely green area of Prague, on

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Can we stop the cavalry?

Not so long ago I read Iain Duncan Smith’s piece we’re building a welfare state that is finally fit for purpose and began writing a response called Buy a Dictionary, Iain Duncan Smith!. Then I read some of the stuff coming from the other side, and thought the exact same thing. Time spent reading is never wasted. Looking at articles

Access All Areas: Peak District

In our Access All Areas series of videos, Sophie Morgan and Disability Horizons Co-editor Martyn Sibley explore a range of locations across the UK to see just how accessible they are. Here, Sophie examines the Peak District. You might assume that the Peak District, with its rolling hills and muddy tracks, isn’t very accessible for wheelchair users. But Sophie Morgan

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Disability and life: what should I do if my PA is off sick?

Rupy Kaur is a young, British Asian, disabled woman, who is very independent and can be feisty when needed (so she says!). She is writing for DH on some of the experiences that happen to her on a day-to-day basis, focussing on relationships with PAs. #DHgurus There are huge pros with being an employer but there are also huge negatives

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Sustainable Development Goals: is world change on its way?

This weekend saw the United Nations meet to announce the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 promises to commit to solving world problems, to “end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all”. But what does this all mean, will these promises become reality, and how will it affect disabled people? Meghan Hussey from Mosaic International, an organisation that works to make

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Disability and entertainment: TV and film

Hayleigh Barclay is delighted to join in with Disability Horizons to offer a monthly article on entertainment. Hayleigh has a Masters in Creative Media Practises, is doing a Doctorate of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and she’s going to use her expertise to open up the world of entertainment to Disability Horizon’s readers. This month, TV and film. #DHgurus This