Disability and travel: surprisingly accessible Chichester

With the bank holiday weekend fast approaching, deputy editor Karen Mogendorff, who walks with a limp, talks about her recent trip to Chichester. You may not have considered it as a place to visit before, but Karen tells you why you most certainly should, especially if you have access needs and love visiting historical sites. Chichester is originally a Roman

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Teamwork is hard

Fleur Perry is our regular Horizons writer and also editor of our sister site, Disability United. Today she shares her thoughts on the good and bad of team work. Listen up disability activists… Not so long ago, in one of my other lives, I went on a team building exercise. It’s no secret to anyone who’s worked with me that

Interview with Matt Hampson, Ambassador for Parallel London

With less than a month to go before the return of Parallel London (an all inclusive fun run and festival), Carrie Aimes spoke to ambassador Matt Hampson about his involvement, and why the event is so important to him. Matt “Hambo” Hampson is a former England Rugby Union prop who, at the age of 20, was paralysed in a near-fatal

Disability and travel: travelling from Cambodia to Vietnam by boat

Alexa Huth, who is visually impaired, is an expat who moved to Japan from the US. Since then she has backpacked in Burma and travelled to Korea and Beijing. Today she tells us about her most recent experience, going from Cambodia to Vietnam… by boat. I’ll be honest, I’m not much for packaged tours. I like that they get you

Crowne Plaza Glasgow: access review

If you have a disability, travelling is rarely straight forward. So that’s why we’ve teamed up with Carrie-Ann Lightley from Tourism for All, to bring you a series of articles to help make travelling easier and more accessible. This month she’s sharing an access review of the Crown Plaza Glasgow. It’s been a few years since I’ve visited Glasgow, so

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A future of limitless opportunities

We’ve all heard that the power of technology can facilitate more inclusion for disabled people. Disability Horizons Co-Founder Martyn Sibley recently tested out this theory. How? Trying out the new and exciting SmartPhone app – assist-Mi, as part of an Open Inclusion research project. Here’s how he got on… It’s Friday evening. I’m a little tired. I’ve travelled a long

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A brief history of time, space and disability

Have you ever considered inclusion as a journey or a mission? Did you ever combine inclusion with the topic of space travel? Well Disability Horizons contributor, Philip Connolly, has written on this and a whole lot more! Here’s his journey through time and equality.  Life is widely believed to have arisen from the accidental fusion of two nuclei, that gave

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Disability and relationships: overcoming shyness and a stammer

In our series on disability, sex and relationships, expert and resident agony aunt Tuppy – who runs Outsiders, a private club for disabled people looking for a relationship – answers your questions. This week, how to overcome shyness and a stammer when dating. Dear Aunty Tuppy I am a terribly shy 33-year-old living in North London. I was born with

Why disabled actress Sam Renke is supporting Parallel London

The 3rd September sees the return of Parallel London, a mass-participation race for people of all abilities. Regular writer Carrie Aimes speaks to disabled actress Sam Renke, ambassador for Parallel London, about why the event is so important and why you should get involved. Despite her disability, 31 year-old Samantha Renke moved to London five years ago to pursue her

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Disability Rights Movement and music: if music be the food of change, play on

Editor of Disability United, Fleur Perry, talks about the importance of music in making voices heard and creating change, and reminisces about the songs from the height of the Disability Rights Movement. I feel I must apologise to fans of William Shakespeare for the title of my article, but perhaps I’ll be forgiven by the end. I must also apologise for