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Empowering equality for disabled people
Posted 2 days ago

In anticipation of the launch of their groundbreaking app, Assist-Mi are teaming up with the online community Disability Horizons to help spread the word to disabled people, UK businesses and…

News round-up, week ending 14 November
Posted 2 days ago

John Pring, who runs the Disability News Service, publishes his weekly news round-up of the happenings in the disability world the past week.

A judge has told the Department for Work…

Accessible airports?
Posted 5 days ago

If you have a disability, many of you know all too well the nightmare that getting through an airport and onto a plane can bring. So Lorraine Gradwell’s account of…

Guest Post: Legg Sleeves is the new fash…
Posted 5 days ago

Finally! Fashion apparel for those with limited mobility!

Gone are the days of sitting and waiting for assistance to get dressed and/or when the need arises to use the restroom. Legg…

Accessible activities in the New Forest
Posted 1 week ago

As part of our Access All Areas series on accessible tourism, Disability Horizons co-founder Martyn Sibley visits the the New Forest National Park.

When you think of the New Forest, you…


Access All Areas: accessible Exmoor

As part of our Access All Areas series on accessible tourism, Disability Horizons co-founder Martyn Sibley visits the stunning Exmoor National Park. Exmoor National Park is beautiful. Filled with rolling hills and varied wildlife, the views can be breathtaking. But, how accessible is it if you have a disability? From the hub of Exmoor, the […]

Access All Areas: my accessible adventures in Catalonia

As part of our Access All Areas series of videos and articles about accessible tourism opportunities, Disability Horizons co-editor, Martyn Sibley visits the beautiful Catalan capital of Barcelona. This July I took a fun-filled trip to the Catalan capital of Barcelona on behalf of the Catalan Tourist Board. Over the last twenty-two years, since hosting […]

*NOW CLOSED* Halloween competition: win an Ultimate Chocolate hamper worth £59.99 from Serenata Hampers

Halloween isn’t just about the pumpkins, it can be about those other little luxuries too! So why not treat yourself this Halloween by entering our competition to win an Ultimate Chocolates hamper worth £59.99 from Serenata Hampers. To enter the competition you will need to follow @DHorizons on Twitter and retweet one of our competition […]
Andrew Morrison-Gurza -

Top tips to be the sexiest ‘queer crip’

If you’re gay and disabled, you may have noticed that there aren’t many ‘queer cripples’ in the public eye to identify with. Andrew Morrison-Gurza, wants to change that – he wants to become his own role model, showing how to be sexy, gay and disabled, and he wants you to do the same. I remember […]

Accessible Festivals: Reading 2014

Back in August our very own Disability Horizons co-founder, Martyn Sibley, went to check out the accessibility of Reading Festival. With the generous assistance of filmmaker Dan Higley and support from Gerald Simonds Healthcare, we commissioned a video for your viewing pleasure. I love music. I always have. I remember singing lyrics to songs age […]

The New Forest National Park: an accessible adventure story

Recently Disability Horizons co-editor Martyn Sibley took a trip to the New Forest National Park to explore the huge range of accessible activities on offer. Here’s what he discovered… The New Forest has come a long way since William the Conqueror first began using the land as his private hunting ground in 1079. A natural […]
Hannah Dines Race Running

The greatest love story: sport and cerebral palsy

I’m Hannah and I’m a RaceRunner. I’m more than just an athlete, more than just a runner – I have the ability to transform. Every morning I wake up and before I open my eyes I plan where I’ll run, when I’ll run and then, I do it. When I first get there I look […]
Ms. Poland in a Wheelchair Pageant

Disabled beauty pageants: why don’t we hear about them?

Did you know that the United States has hosted beauty pageants for people with disabilities for many years? To date, there have been numerous staged events that welcome the broad spectrum of disability, and frequently they have been backed by wonderful intentions. The focus has not been on beauty alone, but also on qualities of […]

Living costs: my disability shopping list

I have been what’s known as ‘disabled’ my whole life – oh, how society loves labels! I have a genetic condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which means I’m about as physically useful as a chocolate teapot... On top if this potentially dire situation, let’s look at my disability shopping list: Accessible housing – Very difficult […]

The Phoenix Blend cafe: helping transform people’s lives

Gaining skills and experience is invaluable, particularly if you are disabled and want to maintain or gain your independence. Well that’s the aim of the Phoenix Blend cafe, to equip disabled people with the life skills they need, and it recently won a Sainsbury’s Charity of the Year award for it, as well as sponsorship from Sainsbury’s. Find […]