Top 5 accessible attractions to visit this Christmas

The Christmas period is the perfect time to spend with family and friends, and what could be better than enjoying a festive day out together? Whether it’s a visit to Santa, a sparkling grotto, a Christmas workshop or just taking in all of the lights and decorations, Christmas can be a magical time. That’s why we’ve asked disability travel expert

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Why are ‘systematic violations’ of disability rights not newsworthy?

It was recently discovered that the United Nations’ (UN) has found ‘systematic violations’ regarding the UK’s compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Yet the media barely reported this, and the government did nothing except deny the UNs’ findings. Why is that? Disability United Editor Fleur Perry investigates. What does get media coverage these days?

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United Nations International Day for Persons with Disabilities: has it been forgotten about in the UK?

This weekend is the United Nations International Day for Persons with Disabilities (UNIDPD), an annual day aimed at raising issues around disability rights across the world. But Paul Lindoewood from Disability Wales and Africa debates why he believes it’s not acknowledged as it should be in the UK. Saturday 3rd December will be the United Nations International Day for Persons with Disabilities (UNIDPD).

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I am blind, but I’m no different to anyone else

Singer-songwriter Anne Tello recently teamed up with Lucia, who is blind, to make a cover of Christina Aquilera’s song Beautiful. The aim? To show the world that blind and visually impaired people are just as capable as anyone else.  I’d wanted to cover Christina Aquilera’s Beautiful song for a while. I was in the process of taking a leap of

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Disability and employment: using your personality to get a job

Jane Hatton, who manages Evenbreak, a not-for-profit jobs board run by disabled people for disabled people, publishes her bi-monthly article on the subject of disability and employment. This month, talking letting your personality shine. Here at Evenbreak I have recently been through the recruitment process myself and taken on two new employees. I know what employers are often looking out

Moving to Japan and travelling with a visual impairment

Alexs Huth, who is visually impaired, is an expat who moved to Japan from the US. She tells us about the obstacles she has faced, the amazing experiences she has had, and her adventures travelling around Korea and Beijing. I never had any intention of moving to Japan, but I feel lucky that I landed here. When I was 22

Determination and courage: the key ingredients for travelling with a disability

After thinking she might never travel outside of her home country of America, wheelchair user Shannon tells us about her extraordinary travels around the world. Read on to find out what she has learned, as well as her top tips to help you take the break of a lifetime. If you had told me five years ago that I was going

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Disability, sex and relationships: dealing with frustration

In our series on disability, sex and relationships, expert and resident agony aunt Tuppy – who runs Outsiders, a private club for disabled people looking for a relationship – answers your questions. This week she talks about not letting anxiety get in the way of love… Dear Aunty Tuppy I hope you can help. I am a woman who has

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Disability and fashion: how to sparkle this Christmas

It may not quite be December yet, but we can’t help but start thinking about Christmas. And so, with the party season just around the corner, we’ve asked our fashion guru, the Spashionista (short for Spastic Fashionista), to recommend her top fashion buys to make you sparkle this Christmas. The holiday season is a fun-filled time, with plenty of parties

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Life is a journey – so enjoy the scenery

Wheelchair user Chiara tells us about how she found herself on the Erasmus challenge, an exchange programme that transfers people all over the world. It was an adventure she never expected to be able to take part in, and is eternaly greatful she has. One road. One road like the American ones, or the ones in Australia, where the spaces around