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Starting your own business: we talk to disabled athlete turned entrepreneur

Disabled athlete Arielle combined her love of sports and business to create her company, Ingenium, which makes wheelchair racing gloves. Read more to learn about her successful business that started as a simple school project, and how she worked to get to this point. Two years ago I took an introductory course on 3D printing at the University of Illinois.

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Top 10 tips to finding the right personal assistant

We all want to be able to find reliable personal assistants that we can trust to help us live our lives as independently as possible. So to help you do that, we’ve asked HomeTouch, an online care service listing hundreds of vetted personal assistants, for the top 10 tips to finding the right personal assistant for you. 1. Know your

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Being a disabled parent: unlocking your heart

There is no two ways about it, being a parent is hard. But it can be even harder if you have a disability. Sam Smith tells us about his experience of becoming a dad – how incredibly hard he found it, but also the rewards that come with it. Five words that are supposed to fill you with excitement; “should we

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How to get a disabled-friendly, affordable and stylish wardrobe

Alicia Searcy, also known as Nashville’s disabled style blogger extraordinaire, the Spashionista (short for Spastic Fashionista), is set on changing the fashion industry for good. Alicia’s here to share her fashion tips and ideas on how to rejuvenate your wardrobe in 2017, for an affordable price. Acquiring a new style for 2017 that actually fits your body and is at an affordable price

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Disabled toilets: the trials and tribulations when “you don’t look disabled”

Using disabled toilets isn’t always as straight forward as it should be, especially if you have an ‘invisible disability.’ One man that knows this all too well is Evelyn Michael Wood – aka the ‘bagman’. Here, he tells us about his toilet troubles and trials as an ileostoma user. “Well, you don’t look disabled,” said the toilet guard lady. We

Disabled holidays: get your travel questions answered

To help make your disabled holidays that little bit easier, we’ve teamed up with accessible travel expert and wheelchair user Carrie-Ann Lightley from Tourism for All. This year we’re opening up her regular articles to you, so you can get your travel questions answered, no matter how big or small. Here’s how you can get involved… The start of a new

Cerebral palsy: how to get active and into football

If you have cerebral palsy, playing football is a great way to gain strength and develop your muscles. But not everyone in the UK has easy access to the sport. That’s why sports charity Cerebral Palsy Sport is working to change that. Read on to find out how it’s making a difference, how disability sport in the UK is changing,

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Help us make the lives of disabled people better in 2017

As 2016 ends and 2017 dawns, Disability Horizons CEO Martyn Sibley looks back over the past year – the positives, negatives, challenges and successes. But it’s not all about retrospect. It’s also a time to look forward to what we hope will happen in 2017, and to think about how Disability Horizons will continue to make a difference to the lives of

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Christmas through the eyes of someone with Asperger’s Syndrome

Christmas can be a magical time of year. A chance to relax and spend time with family. But for some, this time of year is instead stressful, frustrating and overwhelming. We hear from Disability Horizons David Preyde, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, about the pitfalls of spending Christmas with friends and family. My name’s David and I have Asperger’s Syndrome. Now, people


Disabled? Boxing Day sales are not for the faint-hearted

We all know that shopping on the high street can be tricky if you’re disabled, especially around Christmas time when the Boxing Day and January sales are in full force. Disability Horizons reader and wheelchair user Simon knows this all too well. Read on to hear about his chaotic experience of shopping on Boxing Day last year.  My name is