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Top tips for enjoying sex, no matter what your disability

Every adult should be able to enjoy sex, whether they’re disabled or not. So we’ve asked our sex and relationships expert Tuppy – who runs Outsiders, a private club for disabled people looking for a relationship – about the best types of sex toys and pleasuring techniques for people with a wide range of disabilities. Everyone is different, particularly when

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Accepting your disability and living your life

Disabled or not, we’re all susceptible to feeling emotionally low, self-conscious and suffering from anxiety. But if you have a disability, it can be harder to accept what life has thrown at you. We hear from Rebecca, who struggled to come to terms with having a disability, but has used philosophy, psychology and counselling, to believe in her self-worth and

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How one wheelchair-racing athlete is using her notoriety to give back

Team USA wheelchair racer, Arielle Rausin, uses her career to fundraise and support charities that are important to her. Read on to find out about her recent trip to Kenya where she worked with the Walkabout Foundation to help distribute wheelchairs to people in need. My job is incredible; I get to travel and race in marathons all over the

Accessible Morocco: visiting Essaouira on a mobility scooter

You wouldn’t assume that Morocco is particularly accessible. But Disability Horizons writer Tracey Ebbs, who visited Essaouira on a mobility scooter, found it to be quite easy to navigate around. However, her journey there was certainly less of a smooth ride… My name is Tracey Ebbs. I live in rural northern Buckinghamshire and work as a freelance copywriter. I have

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Canute: a revolutionary affordable Braille e-reader

Canute is a revolutionary affordable Braille e-reader that uses specialist technology to make it easier for blind and partially sighted people to read. Disability Horizons speaks to producers of the e-reader, Bristol Braille Technology, and its founder, Ed Rogers, to find out more. Please tell Disability Horizons readers a bit about Bristol Braille Technology and how the Canute came about? Bristol Braille

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Three disabled people who will not let themselves be limited

When some people hear the word ‘disability’, thoughts of limitations come to mind—what a person can’t do, what they used to do and what they wish they could do. There is no denying that those thoughts are real. But that isn’t all there is to a disability. Disability Horizons writer Tammy speaks to three disabled people who shine because of,

Disability and travel: face your fears head on

We hear from our travel guru Carrie-Ann as she opens up about battling through anxiety issues every time she goes away. It can be stressful and emotional, but, is it all worth it? At first glance you’d probably think my impairment is easy to spot – I have Cerebral Palsy and use a wheelchair.  But there’s something else that isn’t

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Janine Shepherd: a broken body is not a broken person

Former elite athlete and now celebrated author, Janine Shepherd, shares her inspirational story in the best-selling memoir, Defiant: A Broken Body is not a Broken Person. It chronicles her journey following a tragic accident that cut short her bid to compete in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. Partially paralysed and suffering life-changing injuries, Janine made the courageous decision to let

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Inaccessible Indonesia: be grateful for the accessibility we have

We all know that throughout the world there are various access issues for disabled people, be it with shops, public transport or tourist attractions. But some places are a lot worse than others. We hear from new Disability Horizons writer Romario, who has Cerebral Palsy, about how living in Indonesia has made travelling, or doing anything, incredibly hard. Earlier this

Disability and travel: surprisingly accessible Chichester

With the bank holiday weekend fast approaching, deputy editor Karen Mogendorff, who walks with a limp, talks about her recent trip to Chichester. You may not have considered it as a place to visit before, but Karen tells you why you most certainly should, especially if you have access needs and love visiting historical sites. Chichester is originally a Roman