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A funny one-woman show about disabled king Richard III

Next month sees the reimagining of Richard III – a king with scoliosis who was vilified by Shakespeare. But what was his true story? Was he really a villain and evil incarnate? What if he was she? What if the ‘hideous…. deformed, hobbling, hunchbacked cripple’ were to be portrayed by someone funny, female, feminist, and with the same form of scoliosis? Our

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Direct Payments: the disparities between local authorities

Chris Cusack, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), examines how Direct Payments and the level of care people are getting differs vastly between local authorities – it really does seem to be a postcode lottery. In England, social care provision has undergone radical changes over recent years. In the early 1990s, the money needed to cover people’s physical care (currently

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Valentine’s Day: our ultimate dating, relationship and sex tips

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, we’re launching our new series of sex and relationship articles, to bring you our ultimate tips. For this, we’ve teamed up with disability and sex expert, Tuppy Owens, who runs Outsiders, a private club for disabled people looking for a relationship. Here, she gives us her top tips on everything from dating to getting intimate, no matter

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VIDEO: Mik Scarlet on being yourself, being confident and being inclusive

In our latest video interview, we speak to journalist Mik Scarlet, best known for his bold looks, dynamic presenting-style and openness about sex and disability. From his time at school to getting into TV, Mik gives us the low down on his life and career to date. Plus, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, find out how you can access Mik’s

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Knocking down disabling barriers through positivity

Sai Kaustuv Dasgupta is a name that has been hitting the international headlines for two reasons. Firstly, for his multi-creative talents – graphic design, motivational speaking, singing and composing, for which he has won many awards. Secondly, for the way he has turned his disability into a positive, not only for himself but also for millions around India and the

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VIDEO: Tanni Grey-Thompson on changing the world for disabled people

Following on from our launch of the DHorizons Tribe, in our new series, we’ll be interviewing experts, celebrities, and influencers to bring you video interviews, personal insights and more. This week, Paralympic champion and political powerhouse Lady Tanni Grey-Thompson talks athletics, politics and changing the world for disabled people. Plus, find out how you too can make a difference for yourself, and

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Accessible bathrooms: small things can make a big difference

It’s amazing how the seemingly simple things, that most people take for granted, can make such a big difference to your quality of life when you’re disabled. We hear about how Jay Denton, who has Multiple Sclerosis, found freedom and independence in having her bathroom adapted by bathroom specialist Closomat. How would you cope with going from a comfortable standard

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Don’t let your wheelchair get in the way of experiencing live music

Live music is an exhilarating experience, one not to be missed, no matter what your disability. So we’ve asked music concert enthusiast and wheelchair user Steve McChrystal about four accessible concert venues he’s been to. I don’t know about you, but a concert can be a thrilling and uplifting experience. From the moment I enter a venue, I begin to tingle with

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Local authorities: are disabled people being represented?

Local authorities are supposed to represent the mix of people in the local area. With an estimated 13 million disabled people in the UK, you’d assume that part of local authorities’ workforces are made up of disabled people. So, are disabled people being represented? Sam Heaton wanted to find out…  For the last three hundred years, local authorities have been

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Disability and parenting: making my dream of motherhood come true

Aideen Blackborough has never let her disability hold her back, and that was no different when it came to fulfilling her dream of becoming a mum. She knew there would be challenges, but being disabled is often about facing problems and finding your own, unique ways of solving them.  My name is Aideen Blackborough, I’m 34 and I have Cerebral