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Disabled toilets: how to have a successful ‘comfort break’

If you have a disability, going anywhere, even for a coffee in town, let alone a proper day out, is complicated by the availability – or lack thereof – of suitable toilets. So we’ve asked accessible bathroom specialist Clos-o-Mat for its top tips on finding and using disabled toilets when out and about. We all go to the loo on

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Disability and sex: satisfying your desires

In our series on disability, sex and relationships, expert and resident agony aunt Tuppy – who runs Outsiders, a private club for disabled people looking for a relationship – answers your questions. This week she talks about being kinky… Dear Aunty Tuppy I hope you can help me. I am a kinky man with OI (brittle bones) and a wheelchair

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Brexit: what does it mean for disabled people

No matter what side you were on, remain or leave, Brexit has bought about a high level of uncertainty for us all. But what does it mean for disabled people in particular? Estifanos Habtesellasie discusses the ins and outs of this complicated situation. #Brexit&disability – join in the conversations @DHorizons It all seemed so simple, Brexit was going to be avoided.

Rio 2016 Paralympics: will it make a difference to disabled people?

With the excitement of the Rio 2016 Paralympics in the air, our entertainment writer Hayleigh takes a look at how the media is covering all things disability so far, and whether the hype from the Paralympic Games will really make a difference to disabled people’s lives. #Rio2016paralympics – join in the conversations @DHorizons Anyone who has not been living under a rock

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Becoming disabled: how to continue your old life – with minor adjustments

Becoming disabled later in life can be extremely tough. Your life is no longer what it was and your sense of freedom is often changed forever. But despite the added challenges, life can be just as fulfilling as it was before – just with minor adjustments. Becky Young tells us how her brother got his life back on track after

Accessible holiday accommodation at Lane End Farm in Derbyshire

The Bimblers describe themselves as the UK’s most unlikely travel bloggers. Rob, together with his partner Bridget, travel in a wheelchair, reviewing access as they go. Driven by the mantra ‘access for all’ Rob has joined us to share his thoughts, observations and ideas to make travel easier for people of all abilities. In today’s post… accessible holiday accommodation at

5 mobility aids for accessible travelling

Currently planning your summer holiday but already stressing about the equipment you might need to make it a hassle-free holiday? So that you can have the best time possible, we’ve asked Fenetic Wellbeing to round up the top 5 mobility aids, including folding wheelchairs and mobility scooters, to help make your holiday that bit easier. Despite improvements in transport accessibility for disabled and elderly

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Disability and fashion: taking stock of your wardrobe

Alicia Searcy, also known as Nashville’s disabled style blogger extraordinaire, the Spashionista (short for Spastic Fashionista), is set on changing the fashion industry for good. Alicia’s our latest DH Guru who will be sharing all her fashion tips and ideas with you.This month, slimlining your wardrobe… Do you have a closet full of clothes yet often feel you have nothing to wear? Is every

Rio 2016 Paralympics: Paralympian Jonnie Peacock in the Spotlight

To celebrate the Rio 2016 Paralympics we’ve been interviewing Paralympians set to compete for Team GB in the 2016 games in Rio Brazil. This week we’ve spoken to famous sprinting Paralympian Jonnie Peacock MBE, who has been an amputee since the age of 5 when he contracted meningitis. Sport: athletics and 100m sprint. Time competing: nearly 10 years Biggest achievement

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Disability and entertainment: the accessible world of gaming

Avid gamer Vivek, who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, shares his thoughts on the accessibility of the gaming world, including what games companies need to do to make computer games more accessible, what positive things are already being done, and how you can adapt gaming to suit you. Gaming is an important hobby and social activity for many disabled people. It enables us to forget about