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The disabled gamer’s manual

Philip Hoare, an avid gamer who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), runs through the best accessibility features on a whole host of consoles and games, so you too can enjoy the world of gaming. Before I start talking about the accessibility options available to disabled gamers, I’d like to tell you a bit about myself. I am a 17-year-old teenager

Disability and travel: adaptive camping and accessible adventures

Disability Horizons Deputy Editor Shannon Kelly, who uses a wheelchair, tells us about her recent camping trip and adapted adventures, including rock climbed and kayaking. But the best part was meeting dozens of other disabled people, just like her, ready for adventure and fun. After months of my friend Aimee trying to get me to attend one of her adaptive

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Top 10 amazing female disabled celebrities

Last year we rounded up the top 10 disabled celebrities, listing both disabled men and women that have graced our screens. So, this year, we thought it was time to celebrate awesome and powerful female disabled celebrities, all making a difference to how disability is portrayed in the media.  There is a great deal of ongoing discussion and debate around

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Blue Badge Style Awards: from accessible listed buildings to the best loo!

Earlier this month, Blue Badge Style awarded 10 hotels, restaurants and bars with its BLADE award to recognise stylish venues that are inclusive of people with disabilities. The awards aim to raise the profile of these shining examples and encourage good practice within the industry. Let’s face it, a bar or restaurant could be the most luxurious and welcoming place

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Are you excited about Jonnie Peacock being on Strictly Come Dancing?

Have you been watching Strictly Come Dancing? Are you one of the many superfans? Disability Horizons writer Carrie Aimes certainly is. But what’s made this year all the more exciting than any other is the appearance of Paralympian Jonnie Peacock and his blade. Is this the breakthrough in the portrayal of disability in the media we’ve been waiting for? As

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For the Billion: help make a difference to disabled people’s lives – including your own

Disability Horizons co-founder Martyn Sibley talks to us about new campaign For the Billion. It’s estimated that there are 1 billion disabled people in the world, and a lot of what enables them to live a normal and fulfilling life is our society being accessible and accepting. But, all too often it’s inaccessible and intolerant.  For the Billion aims to start

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Using poetry and writing to overcome disability

American poet and writer Christopher Reardon dreamt of playing sport from a young age. But a brain tumor in childhood, which left him partially paralysed, meant he had to refocus his goals. What was his savior? Writing and poetry. When I was younger, my whole life was about practising and craving to play football as soon as I was eligible.

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World Cerebral Palsy Day: changing misconceptions about CP

Tomorrow, 6th October, is World Cerebral Palsy Day. So, to mark the day and to change people’s perceptions, Lindsey Pasieka, whose brother has cerebral palsy, busts 10 common misconceptions about the disability. One thing people often assume is that all people with cerebral palsy (CP) are the same. But far from it – they’re all unique, with their own strengths and weakness,

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: tips to overcome barriers to cancer screening

Disabled women don’t have the same access to screening for breast and genealogical cancers as non-disabled women, and are up to three times as likely to die of breast cancer. This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Deputy Editor Karen Mogendorff stresses the importance of participation in cancer screening and gives tips on how to deal with barriers to cancer screening. The mere

Disabled racing driver driven by determination

Have you ever dreamt of racing cars? Maybe you’ve thought about it but immediately dismissed it because of your disability? Well Disability Horizons writer Christopher Carter, who has cerebral palsy, certainly hasn’t. In fact, it’s made him more determined to achieve his goal of becoming a disabled racing driver. Hi, my name is Christopher Carter and I’m a first-time contributor