Disability and travel: how accessible are Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza?

Disability Horizons writer Wolf, a wheelchair user from New Zealand, has set off on a four-month-long adventure travelling to a number of cities across the world. In the first of a series of articles, he reviews his experience of travelling around Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza. Slightly dazed and jet-lag, I finally stepped off the plane in Madrid. I flew business

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Be inspired by these body-confident disabled people

In our bid to change society’s view of disabled people and make disability ‘normal’, we’ve teamed up with PosAbility Magazine to share its popular body-confidence article rounding up 10 disabled people who confidently show off their bodies and disabilities. It is summertime and the sun has been shining for unusually long periods of time here in the UK. There is

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Disability short story series: Designer Genes

We don’t think that there are enough books with disabled characters as the hero or heroine. So, we’ve decided to create some of our own. Disabled writer Hayleigh Barclay and disabled illustrator Philip Hoare have come together for Disability Horizons to create a series of drawings and short stories where a disabled person is the lead. The second, Designer Genes… “When is

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Accessible festivals: British Summer Time and Bluedot

Festival goer Alex Squire, who uses a wheelchair and blogs about his experiences, reviews the accessibility at the British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park and Bluedot festival in Cheshire this July. My name is Alex and I am a 29-year-old quadriplegic powerchair user from Lincolnshire. I graduated from the University of Leicester with a BSc in Interdisciplinary Science and an

Top 10 accessible attractions in Lisbon

Sisters Daniela and Rita from Portugal 4all Senses, which organises accessible holidays in Portugal, were born and raised in Lisbon. They love their city and enjoy nothing more than strolling around it. To enable you to explore this beautiful city too, whether you’re a wheelchair user or slow walker, they round up the top 10 delights in Lisbon that can’t be miss and are

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Last Legs: a tragic comedy about disability

Last Legs is a bitter­sweet comedy-drama about a disparate group of people facing very individual challenges with a physical disability, terminal illness, mental health and trauma. Our writer Emma Purcell spoke to its creator, Steven Dark, about where the idea originated from and what he hopes the film will achieve. Writer, actor and poet Steven Dark has battled all his life with

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What is acceptable disability terminology?

Throughout history and the generations, disabled people have been referred to in a variety of ways. Even in society and the media today, there are still disagreements and misunderstandings as to which words and phrases are acceptable, and which most certainly aren’t. Our writer, Emma Purcell, has done some research into the definitions, origins and acceptability of different disability terminology

Accessible adventure: be inspired by a wheelchair globetrotter

Have you ever believed that certain destinations and activities abroad are inaccessible to you because you have a disability or chronic condition? Susie Twydell, a partially sighted wheelchair user with MS, thought so too. She never imagined that she would accomplish her dream of visiting mountain gorillas in Rwanda, but she changed her mind after reading about other wheelchair users’

Disability Horizons launches living and mobility aids shop

We here at Disability Horizons are always looking for ways to remove the barriers that we as disabled people face every day, enabling you to live the life you want. That’s why we’re launching our very own living and mobility aids shop – DHorizons Shop.  We have been tirelessly scouring the internet and using our contacts with manufacturers to bring you clever and

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How the OHMI Trust is making music inclusive for disabled people

If you’re disabled, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ve never had a chance to play a traditional musical instrument, whether for fun or as a career. It’s a problem that the OHMI Trust has set out to solve – and it’s doing so with considerable success.  This year it’s holding a major conference, which will include a gala concert and awards,