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4 simple ways you can create positive change for disabled people

Our Co-founder and campaigner for social inclusion Martyn Sibley has been looking at the simple, everyday ways in which we can all make a change for disabled people. Here’s how you can make a difference… I’m all about being a World Changer at the moment. But it isn’t as scary or exclusive as it might sound. We all change the world

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Changing perceptions: don’t think of me as disabled

Jimmy Curran, who has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), is the founder of the lifestyle clothing brand [dis]ABLE, which aims to change the perception of those with disabilities. In a bid to highlight how others see him and disable people, he and close friend and writer Eddie Doyle have published his memoirs from the perspective of able-bodied people.  My name is Jimmy Curran. Looking at my

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8 disability rights activists changing the world for disabled people

The rights that we as a disabled community have – and may even take for granted – have been fought for by disability rights activists, working tirelessly to help create change. Here, our writer Raya Aljadir takes a look at eight extraordinary people whose work has undoubtedly had an impact on disabled people’s lives. I am sure you would agree,

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Business Disability Forum: exploring identity in the workplace

What does being disabled mean in the business world? Do you feel your identity is closely intertwined with your disability at work? This is a debate Business Disability Forum wants to explore at its latest event this December. Read on to find out more… Following the success of our first Scottish Conference in December 2017, Business Disability Forum is delighted to

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6 ways to stay warm and well this winter if you have a disability

Winter inevitably means freezing temperatures and nasty colds for everyone. But if you’re disabled, the effects can often be felt even more acutely. To help you avoid seasonal pitfalls, Disability Horizons’ writer Carrie Aimes, who has Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy and uses a wheelchair, shares tips from her blog on how to keep warm and well this winter.  1. Choose the

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Why is disability still portrayed as a punishment?

Coronation Street character Josh Tucker recently became blind after side-stepping justice and escaping jail. Does his new disability mean it’s a form of punishment? A sort of retribution? Our writer Raya believes it certainly seems that way…   It is 2018 and, although we still have myths to bust and stigmas to break, attitudes towards disabled people are slowly improving. However,

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Great British Bake Off: were you pleased that Briony’s disability wasn’t mentioned?

As the Great British Bake Off comes to a close, Disability Horizons writer and Bake Off superfan Raisa debates whether contestant Briony William’s disability not being mentioned was a good thing. Her verdict – yes and no. Find out why and tell us what you thought… I’m Raisa and I have cerebral palsy. I am a writer, blogger and poet, and

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10 things only someone with a hearing impairment would know

We all know that having a disability can come with certain annoyances. Having a hearing impairment is no different. Here, our writer Raya rounds up 10 experiences unique to people living with a hearing impairment. Within the disabled community, there are few sub-communities, some of which we know very little about. We often read about the experiences of wheelchair users,

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Assistive technology: top 5 smart home devices to assist your everyday life

Over the last few years, there has been a revolution in smart home technology. Initially aimed at the regular tech-loving market, it’s proved to be truly transformative for anyone with physical challenges. Here, we round up our five favourite smart home products available to buy now from the Disability Horizons shop. Smart technology spans a wide range of gadgets, from washing machines

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Purple Tuesday: the UK’s first accessible shopping day

LATEST NEWS | LATEST NEWS | LATEST NEWS | LATEST NEWS | LATEST NEWS The UK’s first day dedicated to accessible shopping will take place on 13th November in the run-up to Christmas 2018. Purple Tuesday will see retailers across the country – and online – introduce new measures to make the shopping experience more inclusive for disabled customers. The initiative is being co-ordinated by