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Why awkward conversations and intrusive questions about my disabled partner are not acceptable in society

Blogger, Becky Henley, shares her experiences of awkward conversations and intrusive questions she confronted about her partner Dan, who has…

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5 reasons to use sex toys – whether you’re disabled or not

Sex toys can spice up your sex life, help you to masturbate and enable sex if you have a disability…

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Disability doesn’t stop desire: my sex life after a stroke

Martin, who had a stroke seven years ago, shares his experiences with sex as a disabled man, including how it…

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Disabled people have sex – it happens!

We're challenging people's perceptions of disability and showing everyone what is possible with our frank series on disability and sex.

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“Can you date someone with cerebral palsy?” Yes of course!

Sam Harris, who has cerebral palsy, talks about dating with a disability and the misconceptions around dating a disabled person.

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How to satisfy yourself as a single disabled person

We're sharing the experiences with sex from people with a range of disabilities to break the taboo. Here, Tom talks…

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Thinking outside of the box if you’re disabled can make your sex life explosive

Being disabled doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to enjoy sex. In fact, because it often means thinking outside the…

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Spice up your sex life: top toys and positions for disabled people

No matter what your disability, our guide - with sex toys and positions for disabled people - will help to…

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Being blind doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy sex

All disabled people should be able to enjoy sex, just like anyone else. That's why we're sharing stories of sex…

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Disability and sex: using carers and escorts to enable sex

We want to break down the taboo around sex and disability, so we're sharing disabled people's stories about how they…

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