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    Wellbeing & Fitness

    Is it OK for disabled people to have suicidal thoughts?

    Discussing suicidal thoughts can be challenging for any person but even more so if you have a disability or long-term…
    Travel & Holidays

    Accessing New Zealand: part one

    Have a disability and want to travel to New Zealand? Well you’re about read the adventures of Jasmine, who has…
    Travel & Holidays

    The endless possibilities of visiting Australia

    Australia is a big country with many interesting places, things and animals to visit and see. This is why tourists…
    Relationships & Sex

    “Can you date someone with cerebral palsy?” Yes of course!

    Sam Harris, who has cerebral palsy, talks about dating with a disability and the misconceptions around dating a disabled person.
    Assistive Tech & Products

    27 fun accessible game and activity apps for disabled people

    Many of us love playing games, puzzles and activity apps to help us relax and unwind. But how easy are…
    Entertainment & Culture

    Alex Brooker: disabled journalist, comedian and co-host on The Last Leg

    We speak to disabled TV presenter, journalist and comedian Alex Brooker. He is best known for being co-host on the…
    Entertainment & Culture

    20 books with a disabled character as the lead or focus of the story

    It's rare that you see a disabled character in a novel, let alone as the lead. Our writer, Raya, rounds…
    Relationships & Sex

    Disability dating sites: we round up the best

    In the ever-evolving landscape of online dating, niche markets have risen prominently to cater to a diverse array of preferences…
    Entertainment & Culture

    16 films and documentaries with disabled characters played by disabled actors

    We put together a list of 10 films with disabled characters played by disabled actors and disability documentaries you should watch…

    Top Ten Influential Disabled Women in Britain

    UPDATED 2024  – The Top Ten Influential Disabled Women in the UK 10 Influential Women with Disabilities to Follow in…
    Travel & Holidays

    5 accessible walks and nature reserves across the UK for anyone with a disability

    Looking for something accessible to do this bank holiday weekend? How about exploring an accessible walk or nature reserve? Take…

    44 common myths and misconceptions about disability

    The word ‘disability’ is a broad term, but there are beliefs and misconceptions still widely held today that cross many…
    Entertainment & Culture

    Caroline Bowditch: falling in love with Frida

    Disabled dance artist Caroline Bowditch talks to Nichola Daunton about her latest work Falling in Love with Frida, a show…

    What is acceptable disability terminology?

    Throughout history and the generations, disabled people have been referred to in a variety of ways. Even in society and…
    Entertainment & Culture

    Top 10 disabled celebrities from across the world

    We’ve covered the top 10 female and top 10 male disabled celebrities, many of which are based in the UK.…
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