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    Entertainment & Culture

    10 influential and versatile disabled drag queens you should follow on social media

    Disability Horizons shares 6 glamorous, stylish and empowering disabled drag queens you should follow on social media.
    Entertainment & Culture

    The Last Leg: how the show still promotes positive disability representation

    Emma Shepherd talks about how The Last Leg has promoted positive disability representation since it's launch during the 2012 Paralympics.
    Entertainment & Culture

    Disability and the media: disability in films

    In our two-part article about disability and the media, Trailblazers ambassador David Gale shares his thought on the representation of disability…
    Entertainment & Culture

    We speak to disabled BBC weather presenter Lucy Martin

    Breaking Barriers: Meet Lucy Martin, the BBC’s Trailblazing Disabled Weather Presenter In an industry often criticized for lack of diversity,…
    Assistive Tech & Products

    20 accessible products to help you enjoy arts and crafts if you have a disability

    Arts and crafts are fun activities for all, no matter your age or ability. We round up eight accessible products…

    Why you might want to try shopping online with discount codes

    Shopping centres are becoming be more and more accessible, but that doesn’t mean that shopping is a breeze if you’re…
    Entertainment & Culture

    Netflix Shows with Disabled Actors and Characters – updated for 2024

    We roundup eight of the best TV shows and films with disabled actors and characters available on the Netflix streaming…
    Entertainment & Culture

    Actor Jules Robertson on living with Asperger’s and rising to fame in Holby City

    Our writer Emma Purcell speaks to disabled actor Jules Robertson about his career as an actor, appearing in Holby City…
    Entertainment & Culture

    19 animation characters with disabilities

    Have you seen many disabled characters in kids' films or animations? Our writer Raya has rounded up 10 characters with…
    Work & Education

    13 disabled scientists you should explore and discover

    We share 10 disabled scientists you should explore and discover, including physicists Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.
    Work & Education

    How I secured my disability-friendly job and how you can too

    Finding and obtaining a job when you have a disability can be challenging. There are a number of things you…
    Wellbeing & Fitness

    Is it OK for disabled people to have suicidal thoughts?

    Discussing suicidal thoughts can be challenging for any person but even more so if you have a disability or long-term…
    Travel & Holidays

    Accessing New Zealand: part one

    Have a disability and want to travel to New Zealand? Well you’re about read the adventures of Jasmine, who has…
    Travel & Holidays

    The endless possibilities of visiting Australia

    Australia is a big country with many interesting places, things and animals to visit and see. This is why tourists…
    Relationships & Sex

    “Can you date someone with cerebral palsy?” Yes of course!

    Sam Harris, who has cerebral palsy, talks about dating with a disability and the misconceptions around dating a disabled person.
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