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Why time is so precious when you’re disabled

Wheelchair user Emma Purcell, who is also visually impaired, explains exactly why time is so precious for disabled people when…

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My experience of having Covid-19 as a disabled person

Lucy Currier, who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, shares her and her family's experience of having suspected Covid-19…

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Accessible housing: download your FREE guide to finding an accessible home

Finding an accessible home isn't easy, so we've teamed up with Branch Properties to create the Ultimate Guide to Finding…

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58% of disabled and chronically ill people feel anxious about the easing of lockdown rules

58% of people feel really anxious about the easing of lockdown restrictions, and 49% feel the same about the changes…

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Comedian Juliette Burton on being open about her mental health

Juliette Burton, who is a stand-up comedian, has struggled with mental health problems throughout her life. She hopes that being…

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PPE: all you need to know and how to buy it

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essentially clothing, such as gloves, aprons and masks, that help protect you from being infected…

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My experiences of changing attitudes toward disabled parents

Mum of two, Caroline, shares her experiences of the changing attitude toward disabled parents after having two children a number…

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Coronavirus: how to keep safe if you use carers and PAs

As the UK lockdown is relaxed, we explain how you can stay safe from Covid-19 if you use carers/PAs, including…

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Nutrition expert on staying healthy amid the coronavirus outbreak

Tracy Williams, who has cerebral palsy, chronic pain and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, has a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics…

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Liz Johnson on her Paralympic swimming career and being a disabled entrepreneur

Liz Johnson is a former Paralympic swimmer and disability entreprenaur. We speak to her about her successful swimming career and…

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