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8 exercise videos for disabled people during isolation

To make sure you keep fit and healthy during the lockdown, fitness instructor Mish has rounded up 8 online exercise…

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Cerebral palsy: why a soft diet is perfect for me

Simon Stevens, who has cerebral palsy, has found that a soft food diet works perfectly for him. But he's had…

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How I’m keeping healthy and happy during the Covid-19 lockdown

Zubee Kibria, who has cerebral palsy, has faced a number of challenges with the Covid-19 lockdown. Here, she details what…

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6 ways to stay fit and healthy during lockdown if you’re disabled

It might seem hard to keep fit and healthy during the Covid-19 outbreak and UK lockdown, but these 6 simple…

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7 ways to boost your mental wellbeing during lockdown and beyond

If you're struggling because of the Covid-19 isolation, discover 7 ways you can boost your mental wellbeing now and into…

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How to self-isolate and get help: a practical guide if you’re disabled

Many disabled people are continue to self-isolate during this coronavirus crisis. We've created a guide advising you on what support…

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Covid-19 and self-isolation: time for you to discover your true self

Powerchair user Alex Lytwyn, who has cerebral palsy and has experienced self-isolation a lot of his life, talks about how…

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Covid-19: how the messaging is impacting disabled people’s mental health

Disabled writer Raya AlJadir shares her thoughts on how Covid-19 and the messaging from the government and media have impacted…

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How one disabled travel blogger is coping with self-isolation

Disabled travel blogger Carrie-Ann Lightely shares her experiences of self-isolation and how she is keeping her mental and physical wellbeing…

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Coronavirus shopping safely: how to get your food if you’re disabled

If you're disabled or in a 'high risk' or 'vulnerable' group, find out how you can food shop while self-isolating…

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