Madeline Stuart: diversity advocate and the world’s first Down’s Syndrome model

We speak to Madeline Stuart, the world's first famous model with Downs Syndrome who has appeared on runways across the…

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24 new pioneering accessible homes to be built in Glasgow

Twenty four new pioneering accessible homes are to be built in Glasgow. Meanwhile the accessible housing crisis continues in England.…

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Katie Piper on Strictly, her clothing collection and new burns rehabilitation centre

Katie Piper has launched the UK's first burns rehabilitation centre. We speak to her about the new facility, plus her…

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UK Government accused of failing people with learning disabilities and autism

The UK government has been accused of failing the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism by abandoning them…

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Disability Horizons investigation shows some councils may be limiting disabled people’s choice of where to live

Our recent investigation into Adult Social Care choice policies has uncovered that a number of councils may be breaching disabled…

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Have your rights been breached by your council?

Following on from our Independent Living investigation, where disabled journalist Fleur Perry discovered that some councils may be limiting disabled…

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Climate change: why disabled people need to be considered

Climate change is a global problem affecting us all. But it seems that disabled people are being left out. Find…

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How we’re aiming to make the world more inclusive in 2020

Co-founder of Disability Horizons, Martyn Sibley, shares his thoughts on the past year and Disability Horizons’ plans for reaching and…

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Disability Horizons launches disability living aids shop

If you have a disability, even the simplest of products can make the world of difference to your life. But,…

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10 things to do if you’re stuck at home

Winter can be a gloomy time of year, especially if you're unable to go out because of ill health. Our…

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