Blogger Bryony Moss on becoming a writer, actor, model and disability advocate

We hear from blogger and aspiring actor and model, Bryony Moss, on how she wants to use her blog and…

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10 acts of kindness during the Covid-19 outbreak

The Covid-19 outbreak has been difficult for everyone across the world. But it has also bought out the best in…

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James Martin: an award-winning actor with Down’s Syndrome

James Martin is a 28-year-old actor with Down’s Syndrome from Belfast. He played the lead role in the BBC TV…

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Blind presenter and vlogger Lucy Edwards on being herself and making a difference

Blind vlogger Lucy Edwards has built a career on being open about her disability and its challenges. Discover Lucy's journey…

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PPE: all you need to know and how to buy it

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essentially clothing, such as gloves, aprons and masks, that help protect you from being infected…

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Coronavirus: how to keep safe if you use carers and PAs

As the UK lockdown is relaxed, we explain how you can stay safe from Covid-19 if you use carers/PAs, including…

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8 misconceptions about visual impairment and blindness busted

Blogger Holly, who is registered blind, has come across lots of preconceived notions about visual impairments and blindness, so here…

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The Rollettes: an all-female disabled dance troop empowering women

The Rollettes is a dance troop made up of 8 disabled women, all aiming to change perceptions around disability and…

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5 things I want others to know about disability

Rebecca Sullivan is a blogger who uses her writing to express her experiences of living with cerebral palsy. Her work…

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8 disability living aids and products to help you through lockdown

Covid-19 and the lockdown are affecting people across the world. Make your life easier and remove some stresses with these…

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