Here’s why you should join us at Naidex 2021

Find out what to expect at Naidex 2021, including well-known speakers and interactive features, as well as what Covid-19 safety…

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Stopping the hero vs victim narrative for disabled people

Disabled blogger Chloe Tear explains why the hero and victim narrative should stop for disabled people and we should be…

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Finding the balance between sharing the positivity and reality as a disabled person

Holly, a visually impaired blogger, examines how she finds the balance between sharing the positivity and reality as a disabled…

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Accessible housing: download your FREE 2021 guide to finding an accessible home

Listen There are 14.1 million disabled people in the UK, yet only a staggering 9% of homes in England are…

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8 misconceptions about disabled women busted

Rebecca breaks the misconceptions associated with disabled women and demonstrates that they are no different from non-disabled women.

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How to employ your own PAs: a practical guide from a personal perspective

Georgina Moore tells us about her experiences employing PAs. She offers helpful advice to disabled care receivers on how to…

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More than 50% of people happy to see Covid-19 restrictions lifted in June 2021

A survey conducted by Disability Horizons has found more than 50% of respondents are either fairly happy or really happy…

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How disability is perceived in the Asian community and why views need to change

here is still a lot of stigma around disability in the Asian community, which can create many barriers for disabled…

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10 reasons to love Disability Horizons and be a part of our community 

Listen Over the last decade, we’ve created a strong and thriving community made up of disabled people, those with health…

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10 things we want for disabled people in the next 10 years

As part of Disability Horizons' 10th birthday, we round up 10 things disabled people want in the next 10 years.

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