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Strength through adversity for disabled businessman

Disabled businessman Chris always wanted to own his own business. After becoming paralysed at 18, he feared his dreams were broken. But friends helped him through, and it inspired his new business, SchoolMates.

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8 misconceptions about cerebral palsy busted

Wheelchair user Ailsa busts 8 misconceptions about cerebral palsy, from assuming that all people with cerebral palsy are intellectually disabled as well as physically and that cerebral palsy is a disease that is catching.

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Embracing your postpartum body when you’re disabled

Are you a disabled mum? Do you struggle with body image since having your child? Disabled my Fi Anderson talks about why it’s important to love your postpartum body, especially if you’re disabled.

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Disability Horizons survey reveals how airlines and airports need to improve for disabled passengers

64% of the 265 disabled people we spoke to found it difficult to locate information about flying as a disabled passenger when booking a flight. Find out what needs to be done to improve flying for disabled travellers.

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The damaging effect of social media positivity on disabled people

Do you post on social media? Do you follow other disabled people? This World Mental Health Day we’re looking at the negative effects social media can have on people if we only ever see people’s ‘perfect’ lives.

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10 celebrities who have struggled with mental health

Mental health issues, from anxiety and panic attacks to depression and bipolar, can all have disabling effects. Here, we’ve highlighted 10 celebrities who have been open about their struggles with mental health to help raise awareness.

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How autism spectrum disorder made Amanda a poet

Amanda, who never enjoyed writing, found that poetry helped her to understand her diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder three years ago. She’s now training to become a life coach to help others.

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Disability recognised at the National Diversity Awards 2019

Disabled people and organisations have been recognised at the National Diversity Awards 2019. Find out who made the shortlist and who were the big winners on the night.

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Ultimate guide to vitamins and minerals to support well-being – whatever your disability

Vitamins and minerals are important for everyone, but this is particularly the case if you’re disabled or have a long-term health condition. Read this comprehensive guide for all you need to know.

Fashion faux pas: industry cuts out disabled people

In our recent survey with disability charity Leonard Cheshire, we found that 75% of disabled people’s needs are not being met by mainstream fashion in the UK. Read the full story and have your say.