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ReadSpeaker: the voice of the web on Disability Horizons

ReadSpeaker is the worldwide leader in online text-to-speech technology. In 1999, ReadSpeaker pioneered the first-ever speech-enabling solution for websites, followed by the first web-based platform for producing digital talking books. Today, ReadSpeaker speech-enables content on the fly in 40+ languages and 100+ voices for over 10,000 organisations.

ReadSpeaker is proud to work with Disability Horizons to provide an audio version of the website in multiple languages. In accordance with ReadSpeaker’s philosophy, listening to content on Disability Horizons is just as easy as printing or sharing a web page: all the end user has to do is simply click and listen.

All of ReadSpeaker’s products are web-based, so no downloads are required. ReadSpeaker can be accessed from any location, on all devices and all browsers, so long as there is an Internet connection. All products are in-line with accessibility standards.

In addition to its Enterprise products, ReadSpeaker has recently launched a product for individual use: ReadSpeaker TextAid. ReadSpeaker TextAid is a personal reading and writing solution that lets users listen to any digital content they want. Unlike other personalized reading solutions, ReadSpeaker TextAid is device-independent. Users can log in from any device with an Internet connection to access their ReadSpeaker TextAid account.

ReadSpeaker TextAid is an online tool that reads text out loud while following along with highlighted text, with just one click of the Listen button. Whether you need to read a webpage, consult a scanned document, complete assignments or download an audio version of a text, ReadSpeaker TextAid can help. It will even read text as you write it.

Sign up for a free trial of ReadSpeaker TextAid and start listening to any digital content today.

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