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20 accessible products to help you enjoy arts and crafts if you have a disability

20 Ingenious Gadgets That Help People with Disabilities Enjoy Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts provide a wonderful outlet for creative expression, stress relief, and a sense of accomplishment. However, for people with disabilities, traditional art supplies and techniques can sometimes present challenges. Fortunately, there are many adaptive tools and technologies that make arts and crafts accessible to people with a wide range of abilities. In this post, we’ll showcase 10 ingenious gadgets that empower disabled people to fully participate in the joys of crafting.


Key Takeaways
Adaptive Grips and Holders: Tools to help with grip issues.
Adapted Art Supplies: Specially designed art tools for ease of use.
Assistive Devices: Devices that aid in the crafting process.
Technology: Apps and gadgets that support creativity.
Other Tips: Additional methods to make crafting accessible.

Adaptive Grips and Holders

Pencil grippers: There are a range of clever rings and holder pens and pencils, assisting those with grip issues. They help maintain control and stability while writing or drawing, making them a useful helper for those with hand tremors or weakness (Click here).

Foam Tubing: Sliding foam tubing over utensils and tools provides a better grip. This simple yet effective solution can be used on paintbrushes, pens, and other crafting tools, making them easier to hold and manipulate. (Click here)

Grip Toggle:

five common tools with a grip toggle

The Grip Toggle is a simple yet ingenious tool that attaches to items using suction, making them easier to grip and manipulate for those with limited hand dexterity. This 4-pack includes two sizes of silicone toggles that can be adjusted to fit various objects, from pens and utensils to brushes and tools. The soft, flexible material enhances comfort while providing a secure hold. By using the Grip Toggle, people with conditions like arthritis, Parkinson’s, or reduced hand strength can enjoy more independence in daily tasks and hobbies. Whether you’re writing, dining, or crafting, these handy grips make it easier to maintain a firm grasp on the items you need.


Functionalhand – universal grip aid for poor hand function 

Functionalhand gripping aid being used by a young girl to hold a pen to colour in

The Functionalhand is a revolutionary universal cuff that aids those who have difficulty gripping and holding items.

The Functionalhand provides adults and children with hand-related disabilities the ability to use a whole range of arty tools independently, promoting inclusion and dignity.

It is a useful daily living aid for those with disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, tetraplegic/quadriplegics, those recovering from a stroke or anyone with limited hand function.

The everyday uses of the Functionalhand are endless, but it is also useful for holding pens, pencils, paint brushes, scissors and a whole range of arts and crafts items.

Buy the Functionalhand grip aid on the Disability Horizons Shop.


Adapted Art Supplies

Triangular Crayons and Pencils: The unique shape is easier to grip and prevents rolling. These crayons and pencils are perfect for those with fine motor difficulties, as they fit comfortably in the hand and reduce the strain associated with gripping standard round tools. (Click here)

Jumbo Crayons, Markers, and Pencils: The larger size requires less fine motor control to use. Jumbo art supplies are ideal for those with limited dexterity, allowing for broader strokes and more substantial marks without the need for precise control. (Click here for more info)

Textured and Easy-Grip Paintbrushes: Specialty handles offer a more secure and comfortable grip. These paintbrushes come in various shapes and sizes, designed to reduce hand fatigue and provide better control for those with limited hand strength. (Click here)

Adapted Scissors: Loop and tabletop scissors are easier to use for those with limited hand function. These scissors feature ergonomic designs that require less hand strength and coordination, making cutting tasks more accessible.

Peta Easi-Grip push-down table-top scissors

Peta Easi-Grip push-down table-top scissors

The Peta Easi-Grip table-top push-down scissors are an ideal alternative to traditional scissors for those with a number of health and mobility conditions, including arthritis, tremors and poor fine motor skills.

It is useful for a multitude of daily tasks around the home, as well as arts and crafts. The large T-shaped handle provides a stable surface to use your palm, fingers or fist to gently push down when cutting paper, card or packaging.

Designed with safety and ease-of-use in mind, the table-top scissors come with a blade guard for safe storage, and a handy zip-case for storing any other accessories required at easy reach.

Visit the Disability Horizons Shop to buy yourself a pair of the Peta Easi-Grip push-down table-top scissors and check out the other Peta Easi-Grip products.

Nimble One-Finger Cutting Tool: This device helps open packaging and can cut paper and thread. The Nimble tool is perfect for those with limited hand function, allowing them to perform cutting tasks with minimal effort and precision.

Nimble one-finger cutter 

Nimble one-finger cutter

Nimble is a compact and simple cutting device that has been designed with safety and ease-of-use in mind. The Nimble fits onto the end of the fingertip, much in the same way you would use a thimble.

It has countless uses, including as a cutting tool for doing arts and crafts. It can be used to cut paper, card, thread and even the packaging of art supplies.

It is very difficult to hurt yourself using a nimble – the tiny blade is housed in a small, flexible rubber tip.

This small, simple and safe tool is ideal for those with poor hand function, arthritis, joint pain and other physical impairments. It is also great for people with small hands and children who may find it difficult to use scissors (adult supervision advised).

Buy the Nimble one-finger cutter on the Disability Horizons Shop.

Assistive Devices

Wheelchair Lap Trays: Products like the Trabasack provide a stable surface for crafting on the go. These trays are designed to fit over the lap of a wheelchair user, offering a convenient and secure workspace for various crafting activities.

disability art communities for you to join.

Trabasack wheelchair lap tray 

Trabasack wheelchair lap tray and bag

Trabasack has a range of award-winning wheelchair lap trays and bags in one. The built-in lap tray feature provides a sturdy and steady flat surface, ideal for doing arts and crafts.

It provides security and stability to ensure crafting materials, such as paper, pens, pencils, paintbrushes, paint pallets, scissors, beads, threads, mosaic tiles, sewing kits and much more, remain in place.

There is also an interior bag that you can store and carry your crafting equipment too.

There are four different types of Trabasack wheelchair lap tray and bag available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours, all available on the Disability Horizons Shop.

Read about the inventor of the Trabasack wheelchair lap tray, Duncan, who also manages our Disability Horizons Shop. He designed the innovative products with his wife, a wheelchair user, for their disabled son.

Slant Boards and Easels: Positioning work at a better angle can make crafting more comfortable. Slant boards and easels help reduce strain on the neck and back, making it easier to work on detailed projects for extended periods.

Sensational Blackboard: This innovative board creates raised lines for tactile drawing. It allows visually impaired users to feel the lines they are drawing, providing a new way to engage in artistic activities and create detailed works of art.

LegiLiner handwriting guide – £16.95

LegiLiner handwriting guide - red

The LegiLiner rolling ink stamp allows you to quickly draw perfectly straight lines across any paper, removing the need for precision line drawing with rulers.

This device is ideal for drawing handwriting lines for children and students, but it can also be great for sketching pictures, drawing diagrams or even creating graphic designs or architectural plans.

With the LegiLiner, you are free to print them on any piece of paper, educational material, textbook or workspace quickly and easily.

The LegiLiner is also easily refilled with ink, so there is no need to buy another, making it an excellent economic and ecological arts and crafts tool.

The LegiLiner comes in two styles – red with a 3/4″ line and yellow with a 1/2″ line.

Go to the Disability Horizons Shop to purchase the LegiLiner handwriting guide



Lettering Works stickers – £2.95 each

Access is love

This new range of originally designed, die-cut stickers from Lettering Works is a great gift for any crafter looking to catch the eyes of others with their bright, colourful and abstract designs.

The collection has been crafted to help those facing the day-to-day challenges of disability, chronic illness or mental health problems by promoting equality, inclusion, awareness, positivity and reminding us all that it’s OK to ask for help.

For people who love arts and crafts, these stickers can be an addition to your art projects, such as sticking them to furniture you’re upcycling or if you’re crafting some homemade stationary, books or bags.

There are 13 sticker designs to choose from with different slogans, including ‘Swearing Helps’, ‘Work Your Quirk’ and ‘Access Is Love’.

Check out the full range of Lettering Works stickers on the Disability Horizons Shop.

Media mount device stand – £19.95

Media mount device stand

Art can be created, enjoyed and viewed in many different formats, whether that’s drawing, painting, mosaicking or making jewellery. But you can do this and much more electronically too.

With this fantastic multi-purpose device stand, you can access art sites, app and programmes on your phone, tablet and computer (see ideas below).

It is perfect for supporting electronic equipment – such as a phone or tablet, all at the perfect angle on your wheelchair, bed or sofa.

The flexible design allows you to wrap and twist it around almost any object, and the Velcro strip along one side of the mount can be securely attached to the Velcro receptive tray surface of either the Curve Connect or Mini Connect.

Buy the Media mount device stand on the Disability Horizons Shop.


OrCam Read: This AI-driven device captures and reads text out loud for the visually impaired. It’s designed for people with reading difficulties, including those with visual impairments and dyslexia. The OrCam Read can be used to read printed text from books, art instructions, and labels on crafting supplies, providing an auditory experience to support creative endeavours.

Seeing AI App: Developed by Microsoft, this app identifies colours, reads text, and describes photos. It can assist users in selecting the right colours for their projects, reading written instructions, and understanding visual elements of their crafts. The Seeing AI app uses the camera on a smartphone to interpret and vocalise the world around it, making it a valuable tool for artists with visual impairments.

Digital Art Apps: Apps like Procreate allow users to draw and paint on an iPad using adaptive styluses. These apps offer a range of tools and features that can be tailored to the user’s abilities, including pressure sensitivity settings, large brush options, and the ability to use a stylus designed for easier gripping. Digital art apps also provide the advantage of undoing mistakes with ease, making them less intimidating for beginners.

Other Tips

Textured Rubbing Plates and Stencils: Use these to create interesting designs and patterns. Textured rubbing plates can be placed under paper, and by rubbing over them with crayons or pencils, users can produce intricate patterns without needing fine motor skills. Stencils allow for precise shapes and designs to be created easily, supporting those who might struggle with freehand drawing.

Tactile Crafts like Needle Felting: These crafts provide a satisfying sensory experience. Needle felting involves repeatedly poking wool with a barbed needle to shape it into various forms. The tactile nature of the craft can be particularly engaging for those who enjoy sensory input. It’s a calming and repetitive activity that doesn’t require fine motor precision, making it accessible to many.

Modifying Tools by Taping Paintbrushes or Markers to Fingers: This technique can help those with severe hand limitations. By attaching tools directly to the hand or fingers, users can gain better control and leverage, allowing them to participate in crafting activities that might otherwise be challenging. This method can be customised to fit the unique needs of each individual.

Organisations like Zot Artz: These organisations provide adaptive art tools and inclusive art experiences. Zot Artz, for example, offers a range of adaptive art tools that enable people with various disabilities to engage in creative activities. They also host inclusive art events and workshops, promoting accessibility and creativity for all.

Technology Tool Benefits
OrCam Read Reads text out loud for visually impaired users
Seeing AI App Identifies colours, reads text, and describes photos
Procreate Digital art app with adaptive stylus options

With the right tools and adaptations, people with disabilities can unleash their creativity and enjoy the many benefits of arts and crafts. These gadgets accommodate a variety of needs and abilities, from fine motor challenges to visual impairments. By trying different adaptive supplies, using assistive devices, and modifying the crafting process, new artistic possibilities open up.

We encourage you to explore these tools for yourself or a loved one with a disability. Browse our selection of adaptive art supplies and read reviews from customers who have used these products. If you need personalised recommendations based on your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

At Disability Horizons, we believe that everyone should have access to the joy and fulfilment of creating art. With these ingenious gadgets and a little creativity, the world of arts and crafts becomes more accessible than ever before. So go ahead and unleash your inner artist – there’s no limit to what you can create!

Look for organizations like Zot Artz that provide adaptive art tools and inclusive art experiences.

Adaptive Tool Benefits
Easy Writer Clip Assists with grip issues
Foam Tubing Provides better grip on tools
Triangular Crayons Easier to grip, don’t roll away
Slant Board Positions work at better angle
Seeing AI App Identifies colors, reads text



Art sites, apps and programs

There are many arty websites, apps and programs that you can experience on your phone, tablet and computer at the touch of a button.

Some suggested online art programs and apps include:

Photography and filming videos are also forms of art, and there are a number of programs you can use to edit your artwork, including Photoshop, Premiere Pro and iMovie.

Music is also another form of art and programs such as Audition and the app Garageband allow you to record and edit music. Waveband allows disabled people to make music by simply moving their Apple devices.

Alternatively, many puzzle and interactive games can also be forms of art. For instance, Sims Freeplay allows you to build and decorate houses for your Sims to live in – almost like doing virtual architecture.

You can also enjoy app colouring books include Color Therapy and Animal Colouring.

Find out more about these games and more in our article 27 fun accessible game and activity apps for disabled people.

Join disability art communities

Once you’ve found the type of art you’d like to do and have accessible products that allow you to enjoy arts and crafts independently, why not join a disability art community?

There are many in-person and online groups you can join where you can meet, interact and collaborate with disabled artists.

Here are just some organisations and groups we recommend: 

Happy crafting!


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