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How fashion and beauty brands can be more accessible

Disabled people buy clothes and beauty products just like anyone else. So why aren’t fashion and beauty brands more accessible? Visually impaired blogger Emily explains what simple things can be done to make them accessible.

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Tips on caring for an elderly guide dog

For thousands of visually impaired people, their guide dog not only gives them independence and mobility but also companionship. The bond between a guide dog and its owner is usually

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Making a difference for disabled people with my own business

Daniel Williams, an entrepreneur with a visual impairment, started his own company, Visualise Training and Consultancy, to increase awareness of the accessibility challenges faced by employees and customers with disabilities. Here,

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Service dogs: mans’ best friend

Pets can be a wonderful addition to your life, especially a service dog. Believing in the healing powers of pets, Daniela Baker shares the benefits of having a service dog. The decision to obtain