Join DH Market Research!

Would you like to help companies improve the services and products they offer to disabled people; and get PAID for sharing your experience, advice and expertise with them? Then join DH Market Research’s mailing list and you will receive information on market research opportunities that you have the option to participate in.

Payment for taking part will depend on each opportunity and the type of company who has commissioned the research. This may be in the form of vouchers or cash payments. On each opportunity we inform you of, we will state the level of involvement and the work required (e.g. online surveys, interviews, an activity or task, a mystery shop etc), the amount and type of payment and any other criteria for being involved.

Every opportunity we inform you of is entirely optional for you to take part in!

You are free to leave out any questions you like, but completing them will help us direct the right opportunities to you.

Many thanks for taking part and please be assured that all responses will remain confidential. If you have any queries, just email us at

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