BBC Casualty story highlights health inequality for patients with learning disabilities

The BBC medical drama Casualty is set to air the finale of a three-part episode arc, which features the real-life…

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Tokyo 2020: A closer look at the Paralympic Cycling Course

Listen With the 2020 Paralympics just around the corner over in Japan, it’s fair to say there’s already a strong…

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The Equality and Accessibility of eSports

Listen Video games are bigger than ever, and they’re no longer something that’s best enjoyed on the sofa in your…

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Computershare helps Edinburgh resident with learning disabilities realise dream to become financial industry analyst

Listen Computershare, a leading financial services provider, is helping an Edinburgh resident with learning disabilities to achieve his dream job.…

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How does a wheelchair user or otherwise mobility impaired person escape from a burning building?

Evacusafe explains the range of rescue-assistance products available for businesses and individuals at home to help disabled people out of…

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Make your home accessible with a Lifton Home Lift

Listen For many people with a physical disability, one of the greatest challenges they face is making their homes accessible.…

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How to care for your eyes properly all year round

Listen The changing of seasons can alter our health in seemingly subtle ways. But although the changes in our bodies…

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Neurodiverse individuals considered ideal for cybersecurity jobs

Listen As of late, cybersecurity has become a central topic in daily discussions among businesses and government agencies. The recent…

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Finding help after being hurt in an accident

Listen An automobile accident is an incredibly difficult experience. Apart from the immediate issues of getting medical treatment, getting your…

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4 healthcare tech advances expected to significantly impact in 2018

Listen If you consider the history of humanity, each century is associated with a significant improvement in healthcare. For instance,…

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