Sparks of change

Peaks and Troughs. Ebb and Flow. However much I strive for consistency, it always seems to evade me. Partly because I guess ‘that’s life’. Partly because I seem to like to mix things up! I tend to regularly kick off new challenges.

From finishing 2014 tired, living back home, and struggling with a deterioration in my disability. I’m now in a new flat, building my health back up, and fighting (tooth and nail) for improvements on my wheelchair, car, care and housing adaptions. I was lucky to spend time in Fuerteventura and Austria since the New Year began, which helped keep my spirits up for sure.

Having ensured that my foundations were supporting my weaker body, and that my diary commitments are within my new limits; I’ve started building life onwards and upwards again.

Finally, after 4 years of self employment, I’m earning enough regular income to breath a little easier. I won’t take things for granted, but I feel more able to buy myself a couple of non essential/materialistic treats for once! Believe me, I’ve had some dark moments and thoughts since leaving my London monthly salary in 2011.

Whilst having enough money to cover the bills and to ‘live a little’ is nice, I’m feeling more joyous about life because of the aims, people and progress:

– My blogs are receiving great feedback on their motivating and valuable content. Thanks to everyone who has been in contact! 🙂

– Disability Horizons magazine is growing it’s readers, articles, videos, social media presence, team members and mostly it’s impact.

– Srin has learnt to code and is now able to build websites. Disability Horizons has launched DH (groupon for disabled people), and (AirBnB for disabled people). We’re extremely excited about growing these!

– Client wise: I’m working for Andy Kent at Andys Kars and with Kasia on Toda Herbal UK. Disability Horizons is working with the national pan disability charity, Scope. Plus we’re working on a few powerful projects with SMA support UK and the SMA Trust. Watch this space.

– Our Accessible Tourism work has grown with GeoCast TV greatly. You can see our 9 videos in the UK on the Britain is Great website. You might recognise the presenter? 😉

– Another company and project we’re supporting is Centaur Robotics, and their aim to design and development a new-age wheelchair. Exciting hey?!

Of course, this all looks like a lot, but we couldn’t do it without the Disability Horizons team. Thanks guys. I can’t express how proud of you I am.

The other big news is Kasia and I have huge travels planned this summer!

We’re sailing with our car, on a Brittany Ferry boat, at the end of April to Santander. There we are catching up with buddies where I lived in Asturias, before heading to Barcelona for a month. Then onto Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Germany with the European Commission. Finally onto Poland to see Kasia’s family. Then back home for British summertime, a family wedding and Ed Sheeran at Wembley.

Watch out too for Srin’s trip from Friday in France, Spain and Portugal!

One last thing guys. This was all my dream years ago. It didn’t come quickly or easily. It’s also intertwined with my job; so I’ll be writing/recording/advising/improving things throughout these upcoming events.

My biggest hope is that my personal actions, and the projects with Srin on Disability Horizons, will make a positive difference for others. I hope that disabled people will shake old stereotypes. I hope that non disabled people will remove the social barriers disabling us. I hope that we have started a community that will change the world together.

It’s going to take time, but we’re getting there, slowly. I am looking forward to giving it our best, with you, regardless.

See you soon!

By Martyn Sibley

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