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The endless possibilities of visiting Australia

Australia is a big country with many interesting places, things and animals to visit and see. This is why tourists enjoy heading down under so much. Another thing that makes Australia interesting for tourists is that the country welcomes everyone. Travelers with disabilities visiting Australia won’t have to worry about not being able to fully participate in their down-under journey.

Accessible Australia makes any trip carefree and enjoyable for tourists. Australians are by far some of the friendliest and helpful people on the planet. Without being asked, they come forward to help by sensing the necessity. It doesn’t matter where you are from or who you are, Australia welcomes you with open arms.

Accommodations and Restaurants in Australia
Australia is no stranger to accessible accommodations, which makes it easy for travelers with the same need to seek a place to stay for their trip. In fact, Australia is constantly working to achieve the best possible facilities for people with mobility requirements. It is not hard to find accessible toilets, equipment loan companies or shower and change amenities.

Accessible Travel Tours
Like anywhere else on earth, Australia too is home to many travel tour agencies that are dedicated and more focused towards people with intellectual and physical disabilities. Not only do they take care of the visa-related issues, these tours also make sure that their customers have a good time from the moment they step on the plane to enter Australia to the time they are about to leave Australia. The visa application procedure to Australia can be stressful, it is wise to let the tour/visa agency to deal with Australian Immigration. What’s even easier when it comes to these travel tours is that everything can be decided and done online before the tourists reach Australia. It’s all about providing practical support and letting tourist focus on  having a good time instead of bureaucracy.

Accessible Tourism in Australia
It is said that the best way to explore Australia is by simply taking a road trip. A road trip gives travelers a chance to get a whiff of the ocean and get a little dirty in the outback. Australia is also home to the most unforgettable train journeys on earth. It’s not a problem or a hassle to hire a taxi or to use any public transport in Australia. The Australian tourism industry is doing more to overcome the barriers to ensure an accessible environment.

For Picturesque Purposes – Great Ocean Road
The Great Ocean Road is one of the best traveling journeys in Australia, as it goes through rainforests, koala-filled tree canopies, towns and beaches. Known as the most spectacular section of the coast of Australia, the Great Ocean Road even has travel tours setting up three-day driving tours so that the tourists can experience one of the world’s most stunning scenic drives.

Searching For Paradise – Lord Howe Island, Rottnest Island, Bondi Beach, Cape Tribulation, Cable Beach
Bondi Beach
If you want to get a feel of what being in paradise feels like, there are many places in Australia that will grant you just that. There is a range of stunning beaches in Australia, but Bondi Beach, Cape Tribulation and Cable Beach are the ones that stand out. Lord Howe Island and Rottnest Island are considered steps further to be closer to paradise in Australia. These beaches have all kinds of sea animals, including sharks, and all sorts of beach activities, such as fishing and boating. All of these beaches and islands feature accessible accommodations.

Cultural and Natural Values – Kakadu National Park
Kakadu National ParkThe Kakadu National Park consists of a World Heritage area, which makes it a must-visit place for tourists, who look forward to seeing and experience the cultural and natural values of Australia. Called a cultural landscape, the Kakadu National Park is located in Australia’s Northern Territory. It’s not just a normal park or an old-fashioned park, it’s a place where visitors can take part in many activities that are as interesting as the park itself. There are Activities Ranger Guided Walks and Talks, boating, bushwalking and fishing. The Kakadu National Park is an accessible place that provides wheelchair access tracks and toilets friendly for the physically-challenged disabled.

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