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3 Sleep Solutions for Individuals with Physical Disabilities

Feeling your best each day will largely depend on how well you sleep. However, if you have a physical disability that impairs your mobility, getting a good night’s rest can be difficult.

The Healthy Aging and Physical Disability Center states that 40% of individuals with disabilities report long-term problems with sleeping. Many disabled persons end up turning to social security programs for help with ailments and struggles in their day to day lives. However, if you’re in this situation there is help and hope to assist you in dealing with this issue. Knowing the best sleep solutions on the market today may help you get the nightly rest necessary to be as happy and healthy as possible during the day.

Solution #1: Selecting the right chair

One of the issues millions of people with a physical disability may face is getting comfortable. It’s important to have a chair that is designed to fit the body well and decrease the chances of tossing and turning all night if one decides to sleep there rather than make the transition to bed.

Visiting will allow you to view a variety of chairs that can increase the chances of getting the rest your body needs.

Listed below are some features offered by this product:

  1. Massage – One of the ways to assist you in getting to sleep could be a therapeutic massage, and this chair offers just that. You may additionally choose a chair that heats up and provides even more relaxation.
  2. Comfortable – Being able to have a product that offers the right cushion for your body is essential in being able to drift off to sleep. It’s essential to be comfortable when it comes to sleeping.
  3. Storage – You may find that reading helps you relax your mind and assists you in getting to sleep quickly. These chairs typically come with side pockets that can allow you to easily place your belongings.

Solution #2: Adjustable beds

One of the best ways to help your body get comfortable and allow you to drift off to sleep is by choosing an adjustable bed. These are available in a wide variety of sizes and forms and offer the benefits listed below:

  1. Blood circulation – It’s essential for your overall health for your blood to stay well circulated. Setting this bed in the right position can enable this to occur.
  2. Relieves chronic pain -Living with chronic pain may be part of your physical disability. Relying on an adjustable bed can assist in reducing some of this discomfort.
  3. Available in heated option – One thing that may help you feel more relaxed and enable you to get to sleep is enjoying the sensation of heat. This is a feature you can ask for when you choose this type of bed.

Solution #3: Perfect pillows

It can be helpful to rely on a pillow that offers you comfort when trying to get to sleep. Of course, pillows come in a variety of sizes and brands. Some of the different types are listed below:

  1. Natural filled pillows – These may be preferred if you have allergies in addition to your disability. You can expect these pillows to be filled with feathers or a material known as down. Sometimes these materials are combined.
  2. Synthetic pillows – This type of pillows is made with polyester fibers or foam to assist you in getting comfortable at night.

Working to get the sleep your body needs is essential. This is especially the case if you suffer from a physical disability. Be sure to do your research and consider all of your options to ensure you obtain the recovery rest you need on a nightly basis. The quality of your life will depend on finding the right sleep solution when you require a little bit of extra help!

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