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Disability Horizons launches living and mobility aids shop

We here at Disability Horizons are always looking for ways to remove the barriers that we as disabled people face every day, enabling you to live the life you want. That’s why we’re launching our very own living and mobility aids shop – DHorizons Shop

UPDATE November 2019: We’ve since launched a new dedicated Disability Horizons shop packed with accessible products to help make your life easier – head over to the new Disability Horizons shop for more stylish and invaluable products.

We have been tirelessly scouring the internet and using our contacts with manufacturers to bring you clever and innovative products to help you navigate your daily life as independently as possible. Our hope is that these products will give you an edge and help you to overcome everyday issues and make your life easier.

But our quest for great products certainly isn’t going to stop at the launch. Powered by Amazon, we want our shop – alongside our advice articles and the ability to connect with other community members – to give you the tools you need to live the life you want, all in the same place. So, this is just the beginning – we will continue to add new designs and gadgets all the time, so keep coming back to see the latest.

We’d also love your help to build our shop to make it bigger and better. We know that many of you already own and use pieces of kit that are invaluable to your life. So, if that’s the case and it’s available on Amazon, please share it with us so that we can add it to the shop, enabling the community to benefit from your experience and knowledge.

You can email us at, message us on our main Disability Horizons Facebook page, our member-only group DHorizons Tribe, or Twitter @DHorizons. Once it’s packed with a huge range of products that you love, we can expand its scope to include products not just on Amazon. So watch this space… 😉

Top 5 mobility aids in the DHorizons shop

While searching for great products to include in the shop, a number really caught our eye. So, as we launch the shop, we thought we’d share our favourite 5 products available in our shop.

Check out the five products below, and then head to our DHorizons shop to buy them and find more.

Trabasack backpack

The Trabasack Curve wheelchair tray

The innovative design of this backpack makes it both stylish and practical.

Serving two purposes, it hangs neatly on the back of most wheelchairs and can provide a useful flat hard lap tray when needed.

Food work station mobility aid

One-handed food preparation board

For the all those budding chefs out there, we bring you the food workstation.

This nifty piece of kit allows anyone to peel, slice and dice and generally get creative while the workstation does some of the hard work for you.

It can assist you in overcoming a weak grip, arthritis, the loss of a limb or poor coordination, allowing your culinary creativity to flourish.

Padded swivel seat cushion mobility aid

Padded swivel seat for cars and chairs

Last but not least is this fleece-covered 40cm car seat swivels, enabling you to get in and out of any vehicle with ease, while still being discreet and comfortable.

It’s 4cm (1.5inches) thick, but remains light enough to be portable for use in the car, at the dinner table or anywhere it would be useful.

Kettle tipper mobility aid


Universal kettle tipper

This handy gadget is ideal for those tea addicts that tend to gulp down a high number of cups a day.

Although we found quite a few of these, this one is simple, fits most kettles and seems easy to use. It even gently rocks back to the upright position if you accidentally let go.

This product is also eligible for VAT relief within the United Kingdom.

Buckingham Coolhand plate holder mobility aid

Buckingham Coolhand plate holder

Let’s face it, we all spend a lot of our day eating, so anything that helps us out when it comes to enjoying our food is a win. This nifty plate holder is one such invention.

The clever design and easy-grip handle allows those with poor co-ordination or wrist strength to carry plates more easily.


This is just a selection of the products we have included so far, so come and visit the new DHorizons shop, get browsing and let us know what useful gadgets you use that we should add.

By Disability Horizons

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