Disabled model Samanta Bullock launches adaptive clothing line

Disabled model and para-athlete Samanta Bullock has launched a fashion brand designing comfortable and stylish garments adapted to wheelchair users.

A year ago, Samanta Bullock found herself wondering what was the point of having more disabled models if there are no designers making clothes for them to wear? The wheelchair model took the matter in her own hands and started the project of a high-end, sustainable and inclusive clothing brand.

Adaptive clothing

The main purpose of the line is to dress people for the seating position, the items are designed to be comfortable and useful as well as nice looking for both seating and standing positions. According to Samanta: “It’s not about being disabled or wheelchair user, it’s about to be beautiful and comfortable while you are in the seating position.”

Samanta decided to collaborate with different designers around the world to create a variety of collections for her customers. The brands she partnered up with are Rua Luja, London Organic, Bekoffee, Caroline, Gunda Hafner, Peter Twiss, Contessina London and Amaella.

Sustainable clothing

Sustainability was equally important for Samanta, so each garment is sustainable in its own way, depending on the designer in order to embrace each one’s creativity. The whole creation process also let a central spot for inclusivity, which is, in fact, part of the social side of the sustainable process.

The goal here is to be part of the slow fashion movement and to teach consumers that they need to invest in quality pieces that last for a while instead of quantity. Part of the profits of this line will go to Motivation, a charity giving wheelchairs to people in need all around the world.

Launching two collections a year, the fashion line is only womenswear for now, but the plan is to move on to menswear next year.

The London-based adaptive clothing line will be available worldwide from the 15th of June on the online shop Samanta Bullock – Empowerment, fashion and adventure. A few of the pieces will also be in physical stores.

Join the conversation on Samanta’s social media channels to learn more about her projects and to enjoy some fashion tips. Feel free to share with us any ideas, opinions, needs, and wants you have for the clothing line.

UPDATE DECEMBER 2019: We’ve teamed up with Samanta to run a competition on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, giving you the chance to win an adapted underwear set from Samanta’s clothing range – the perfect treat for Christmas. Competition ends on 25th December at 6 pm.

By Zubee

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