VIDEO: Mountain Trike all-terrain wheelchair designed for the beach

There is something very therapeutic about taking in the sea air and the stunning views the coastline of our beautiful island offers and you can’t beat a trip to the beach any time of year. But many wheelchairs aren’t really built for the beach – sand, stones, uneven paths can be tricky to enable access onto the beach.

That’s why Mountain Trike was designed with all of these obstacles in mind. The designers of the all-terrain wheelchair tell us more…

From sand to rocks, the Mountain Trike is the perfect all-terrain wheelchair to travel independently on the beach and down to the sea for a shallow dip.

Watch this video filmed on the beautiful Newborough Beach in Anglesey, Wales, to see for yourself how the off-road Mountain Trike performs. 

The long, sandy beach is at the edge of the Newborough Forest and the nature reserve of Newborough Warren. Parking is at the car park in the forest, facilities at the car park include disabled toilets.

Assistance will be needed on soft sand and dunes as the wheels are similar to those on a mountain bike and if you do head into the sea be sure to wash off the Mountain Trike as you know how corrosive that seawater can be!

Our Mountain Trike means you can have fun and enjoy the beach any time of the year – although but the summer months (usually) offer perfect weather conditions.

More information about Mountain Trike products and how you can hire them in the UK can be found on our website.

By Mountain Trike

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