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How not to fall on your ass (or be an ass) this Christmas

The Christmas holidays can be magical, but they can also be fraught with problems if you have a disability. Here, we share writer Lainie’s post from her blog Trend-ABLE on tips

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Speaking out about body confidence and disability as a stroke survivor

My name is Anna Smith Higgs. I am a stroke survivor, burlesque dancer and activist for disability and sex. I am passionate about sharing my story as a stroke survivor,

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Invisible disabilities: understanding dyslexia

Not all disabilities are obvious, or even visible. New Disability Horizons writer, Aurora Betony, shares her experiences of adult dyslexia, how people perceive it, and offers some guidance and support

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Differing disabilities, one community

Through shared understanding of how a disability can limit a person, friends Blake and Marissa discuss the importance of creating a community, reaching out to others and gaining an understanding