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Meanderings of a single disabled woman

Confidence isn’t easy to come by, so it gives us solace to hear how one reader came to realize that beauty is on the inside and acceptance and believing in

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My4Hands: lending a helping hand to disabled people

New Disability Horizons contributor, Dale Lehn, shares his story of how an unexpected disability encouraged him to create an ingenious product for disabled people: My4Hands. Back in 2001 I was

My adaptive ski trip to Whistler

New Disability Horizons contributor, Freddie Sheffield, 14, tells us about his trip of a lifetime in Whistler, Vancouver, where, for the first time, he experienced adaptive skiing. During the Easter

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Presenting with finesse!

Delivering presentations is becoming a greater aspect of many employment roles and interview processes. As someone with a mobility impairment, I often wondered if there was anything I could do

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Strike for Gold! Q&A with Paralympic athlete Anne-Wafula Strike

Anne-Wafula Strike was born in Mihu, Kenya, and became disabled after suffering with polio at age two. After a childhood dealing with personal tragedy and having to fight against prejudice,

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My life after the New Zealand Earthquakes

New Disability Horizons contributor, Hine Moke, tells us how the earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, affected the accessibility of a city ravaged by natural disaster. 22nd February 12:51pm is a

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Book review: Off Balanced by Zachary Fenell

Regular Disability Horizons contributor, Sarah Ismail, discovers the parallels between her personal experiences of living with cerebral palsy, and that of the author of “Off Balanced”. Off Balanced is the

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Pre Recruitment Training: Still one of best ways to help talented disabled jobseekers beat the competition

Regular DH contributor, Mark Wilson, who worked for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for over 35 years shares an article about the usefulness of pre-recruitment courses for disabled

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Making the internet accessible to all

Ben Carpenter, Strategic Advisor at Race Online 2012, tells Disability Horizons why the internet should be accessible for everyone. Race Online 2012 was founded by Martha Lane Fox, UK Digital Champion.

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Degas and the Ballet: Picturing Movement

Debbie Caulfield recently discovered the beauty of Edgar Degas’s work, an artist who became disabled by depression and blindness in later life. Degas and the Ballet: Picturing Movement was a

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