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Ride into a new world of independence with the Mobility Roadshow 2016

Every year the Mobility Roadshow showcases the latest gadgets and technology aimed at enabling disabled people to be more independent. This year it’s back, from the 26th to 28th May at Silverstone Circuit, Northants,

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Audazzle: computer games for blind and visually impaired people

After his daughter Daisy became blind from eye cancer, Selwyn Lloyd wanted to develop something that would enable her, and other visually impaired children, to interact and have fun with

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Unseen disability: living with a brain injury

Ashley Ruskiewicz is an American writer whose aim is to thrive in life. One of her missions is to educate people on how to better help those who have suffered

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New sci-fi novel features a main character with a disability

One of the differences with Synthesis: Weave is that while it’s got a disabled protagonist it’s not a book about disability. The fact disability is there is just that, an

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Attitude is Everything: introducing gloves to revolutionise disability and music

People think they know how music should sound and, sadly, how it should look. But disabled musician Kris Haplin has been trying to change all of that. Kris has been collaborating

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Disability and entertainment: fifty shades… of inspiration

Hayleigh Barclay is delighted to join in with Disability Horizons to offer a monthly article on entertainment. Hayleigh has a Masters in Creative Media Practises and is currently undertaking a

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Disability and independence: the tricky business of transferring

Frances Leckie, editor of Independent Living, looks at some of the challenges around transferring and personal dignity. #DHgurus My day job over at Independent Living often sees me writing about

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Disability and fashion: a spashionista’s guide to shopping

My name is Alicia Searcy, also known as Nashville’s disabled style blogger extraordinaire, the Spashionista (short for Spastic Fashionista). I have Cerebral Palsy, a neurological disorder caused by a lack

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Disability and accessible tourism: the accessible tourism dilemma

The Bimblers describe themselves as the UK’s most unlikely travel bloggers. Rob together with his partner Bridget travel in a wheelchair, reviewing access as they go. Driven by the mantra

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I’m disabled and I wear make-up, so what?

Blogger Sarah, who writes about beauty, lifestyle and living with chronic pain, shares her post on the comments and double standards people with disabilities sometimes experience if they look choose

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