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Disability and sex: being open about your sexual needs

In our series on disability and sex, expert and resident agony aunt Tuppy – who runs Outsiders, a private club for disabled people looking for a relationship – answers your

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Disability in later life: continuing to play music after becoming disabled

Vanessa shares her story of how her newly-diagnosed disability impacted her life and ability to play music. Read on to find out more about her journey to share music again

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The Disabled People’s Movement is still alive and well

Fleur Perry, editor of Disability United, takes a look at recent reports into how well the government is actually delivering on its commitment to give disabled people the basic rights they

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First Dates Hotel: finding love when you have autism

Tommy Rousell, who has autism, recently appeared on Channel 4’s First Dates Hotel in the hope of finding love. When you have a disability, looking for love can come with

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Disability and travel: accessing the Glacier Skywalk in Canada

As a quadriplegic in western Canada, I was surprised and thrilled to come across an advertisement for the Glacier Skywalk in Jasper. The Skywalk is a clear glass walkway that

NEW podcast series: we interview Paralympian Dame Sarah Storey

As part of a new series, Disability Horizons Co-founder Martyn Sibley will be interviewing famous and influential disabled people from the top 100 Power list to bring you a collection

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GlassOuse assistive technology review and chance to WIN the £330 glasses

Disability Horizons reader John Vickers recently reviewed new assistive technology the GlassOuse glasses for us. It’s claimed to help you control your computer, phone, tablet or TV using small head

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The new ‘normal’: adapting to disability later in life

For Disability Horizons contributor Lynley Adams, becoming disabled later in life has been an earth-shattering experience. Here, she explains why she’s finally coming to terms with her new ‘normal’, and

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Naidex 2017: accessible travel for all

UPDATE: Naidex 2018 will be on the 25th and 26th April 2018 – you can get FREE Naidex tickets here. Naidex 2018: top 5 mobility aids Naidex 2018: top 5 assistive technologies

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6 ways to empower seniors with disabilities

Motivating your elderly loved one with disabilities to stay active is no easy task. It’s not just mobility issues that may hold them back, but a fear of injuring themselves,

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