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NEW podcast series: we interview Paralympian Dame Sarah Storey

As part of a new series, Disability Horizons Co-founder Martyn Sibley will be interviewing famous and influential disabled people from the top 100 Power list to bring you a collection of entertaining and informative podcasts. This week, he talks to the most successful Paralympian of all time, Dame Sarah Storey…

Since I started blogging and running Disability Horizons, I’ve recorded a few podcasts. It was with basic technology. But it was nice chatting with friends about disability issues and beyond. I’d never considered interviewing hugely successful disabled people until…

As you know, I came third in the ‘Power 100’ list of influential and successful disabled people in December. It was great to be personally recognised for my work. But most of all, it was great to read about many amazing people.

It got me thinking – what if I started a podcast where I interviewed these awesome humans? Would they accept my invitation? Would I grasp the technology? Would anyone listen?

Well. Here we are. I’ve already recorded four interviews. The guests are coming and the technology worked. Now it’s time to see if you like it…

Welcome to The Martyn Sibley Show!

My vision is to run a podcast for disabled and non-disabled people alike. Every guest will share an interesting story of their personal journey. The listeners will gain helpful insights, advice and optimistic words. Much needed with today’s pessimistic media circus.

Meet Dame Sarah Storey

It seemed apt to try and interview the number one influential and successful disabled person from the Power 100 list. Well, Sarah Storey is about as cool as you can get in the world of people with impairments. She’s Britain’s most decorated female Paralympian (she has fourteen gold medals), has been made a Dame, and has a lovely personality. She’s absolutely worthy of the award. But would she be my first podcast guest? Evidently she said yes 🙂

In this interview, you’ll hear about Sarah’s medal moments, tough training schedule, and hopes for the future. I interviewed her, back in January, from my home in Cambridgeshire to her villa in Lanzarote, where she was training. Oh how I love the internet.

My big take away from this amazing experience was the importance of finding your passion, and having persistence. Sarah is so focused on being the best she can be, not on what others think about her. Her persistence of training, learning and improving is fundamental to her success.

I was also amazed by how her family life fits in so well. With a husband and daughter, others would presume sacrifice and difficulties ensue. However, they all enjoy their life and celebrate Sarah’s successes together.

I hope you enjoy listening to this episode – I thoroughly enjoyed recording it. I also hope it gives you something useful for your current journey.

Let me know what you think

Please do rate the podcast and give your feedback on the comments section below. As we go further, I’ll hopefully improve things as I learn. I’d love for you to be involved by recommending guests and suggesting questions. This is always about you, the community.

If you like it, please subscribe for the next episode, too. I’d also be very grateful if you could blog, tweet, Facebook and generally share this for others to enjoy. Thank you for your support.

See you next time.

By Martyn Sibley

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