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Book review: Desires Reborn by Penny Pepper

Kirsty Liddiard, an academic currently based at Ryerson University, Toronto, reviews the book Desires Reborn, a collection of unique short erotic stories unashamedly exploring sex and disability. Desires Reborn begins

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Accessible accommodation with My Shire Houses

Disability Horizons reader, James Ford, talks about how his road to recovery lead to fulfilling a dream and creating a business for accessible accommodation, with My Shire Houses. My name

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Viewing disability and difference through the eye of a lens

Photography can be a powerful way to explore both the human body and how is is seen by the world. Photographer Claire Gilliam talks to Disability Horizons about how she

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Arlene on the Scene: disability and children’s books

Arlene on the Scene is a children’s book about disability and embracing differences. The author, Carol Liu, talks to Disability Horizons about the book and how she’s using it to teach

Paralympic Games 2012: the legacy and impact

It’s been just over a month since the Paralympic Games and Jonathan Wade, who runs  Innovative Minds at Work (which aims to break down barriers faced by disabled people) talks

Golfing4All: the ParaGolfer

“I felt a buzz run through me when I was able to strike a golf ball again” recounts David Thompson as he realised he could go back to the sport

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Life working in the City of London

Co-editor Srin Madipalli shares his thoughts on life working in the City of London; the challenge, the competition and the attitudes. I’m often asked what it was like to work in

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Disability and the media: music and song lyrics

In our two-part article about disability and the media, Trailblazers ambassador David Gale shares his thought on music and song lyrics featuring disability. As a big music fan – some might

The Paralympic Games 2012: day 1

From the very best bits to what you’ve been talking about, we’ve got the Paralympic Games 2012 covered! So, we’ve just experienced day one of the London Paralympics 2012, kicked

The Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony: pictures from inside the stadium

In a spectacular opening ceremony in front of 80,000 spectactors and millions of people watching on TV,  last night, the Queen officially opened the London 2012 Paralympic Games. In a