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As part of our “Ask the readers” series of articles, we invite readers to respond to practical questions that members of the Disability Horizons community have posed. If you can assist with any of the questions posed in this post, please use the comments section at the bottom of this article. If you have a practical issue or problem that you would like to ask the Disability Horizons community (anonymously if you want), please email

Question – Stephen, Southampton, UK

Subject: Accessible Housing

I am finishing university next year and I really want to move to London on graduation. I am a wheelchair user and need a roll-in shower unit. I won’t be able to buy a property for many years, but does anyone know of any housing associations or organisations where I might be able to rent or part buy somewhere accessible to live?

Question – Tim, UK

Subject: Supported Housing

Does anyone have any details of private, supported housing schemes in greater London, or retirement villages/communities? Or any idea where I should look for this information?

Question – Jane, Cardiff, UK

Subject: Transit seats/harnesses

I am hoping to travel by plane later this year for the first time since my accident. Can anyone recommend a transit seat or harness that could be used by my PAs to manually lift me?

Question  Ajay, Leeds, UK

Hello my fellow Disability Horizons readers!! I am 16 years old and next week I am going to Manchester with my mum. We’re going to use the train for the first time. I drive an electric wheelchair and have booked assistance to help. As it will be our first time using the trains, does anyone have any advice or travels tips for us?

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  1. Transit seat/harness. I am tetraplegic MD and can no longer be brutalised by being lifted by arms and legs so designed the Promove sling for my own use. Now used at several UK airports but not at other end. Check guarantee you will love it. Huw

  2. Wings on Wheels organises holidays for people with disabilities and can organise wheelchair assistance at airports and on and off of planes.  The airlines use a Wheelchair Assistance company in each airport and these people with assist you through the airport and will then transfer you from your wheelchair (or an airport wheelchair) onto a small aisle chair, take you into the plane, to your seat, lift you from the aisle chair into your seat and vice versa the other end, so there is no need for a transit seat/harness for this.  You just need to notify the airline at least 48 hours in advance what requirements you have, this MUST be done otherwise they can refuse you boarding.  Hope this helps, for any more assistance please contact us.  01945 871111 or or via the website  thanx, Jean Burdett, Director.

  3. I think there is Springboard Housing Association in London where they have maybe residential housing like where I lived in Hertfordshire if you want to move out Tim

  4. @ajay – it should be fine, but have your mum ready to leap off the train to go find a man with a ramp.  They SHOULD meet you, but no harm in being prepared!  And don’t feel shy in telling mothers with buggies to bog off from your space/blocking you in.  Buggies are foldable for a reason.  Ditto large suitcases.  (Just knock them out the way – the guilty will soon get the hint, and if not, say that you’re happy to pee over it but you’d much rather bee able to get to the loo…)

  5. Hi Ajay, Don’t be too concerned about travelling by train, I travel from Fife in Scotland to Southampton and back twice a year. If you have booked assistance you will be fine just a couple of points, Get to the station 20 mins ahead and tell them you have arrived (don’t be shy they do this every day) then always ask the conductor on the train to check ahead for you that arrangements are made. Enjoy your trip

  6. dwp now using electronic equipment house to house in Cottingham 26 Creyke Close
    to monitor activity in disabled persons home. The person is terminally ill, is there a
    solution and should they be treated this way? yes there is CCTV and photographic
    evidence of its arrival and the dwp spy vehicles used, it’s supposed to be top secret
    so please keep it to yourself.more evidence available of the dwp spy workers
    methods, locations, vehicles and workers

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