Guest post: Christmas groceries delivered to your home with mySupermarket

mySupermarket offers shoppers a way to get their groceries delivered right to their door without the hassle of trudging around the shops. In addition, you can compare the price of your groceries at a range of supermarkets, including Tesco and Asda. Sara Flack tells us more…

It’s about this time of year that everyone gets fed up with going food shopping. The crowds are terrible, the isles are a mess and the checkout till is quite often disorganised. All particularly a nightmare if you have a mobility issue.

This is not to mention the increased costs around Christmas, with gifts and extra groceries needed to feed visiting family and friends. While we try to make savings, in-store offers can be distracting and we often end up filling our basket with lots of special offer items that we don’t need or, on closer inspection, don’t actually offer a very good deal!

The supermarket chaos can be stressful to handle, especially if you have a mobility issue, and many people receiving disability allowances are struggling to keep their grocery budget week-by-week, let alone during the festivities.

This is why I wanted to let you know about a shopping and price comparison site called mySupermarket. It basically solves all your shopping issues in one go. You can shop online without the crowds, taking all the time you need, and the price comparison technology (where you can compare items across a range of shops such as Sainsbury’s and Boots) helps you to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your budget. The best bit is that your order is delivered to your door at a time that is convenient for you.

When you shop online at mySupermarket you can see the price for each item across the five main online supermarkets so you can make sure that you’re paying the best price for your shopping. In addition the Swap and Save function recognises if you can find a better deal on your selected products and it guides you through the options available. The site clearly marks any special offers, with an additional dedicated shelf to their famous Savvy Buys, which are offers that have an average saving of 30%.

Let’s take this box of Thorntons Premium Collection chocolates for example. In Asda you can see that the regular price is £7.00, whereas at Tesco it’s £8.00. On top of this £1.00 saving you also have a special offer highlighted. Any three for £10, meaning if you bought three as Christmas gifts, each box would cost you less than £3.35.

mySupermarket is not only a great tool for getting around your Christmas shopping, it’s useful all year round. Plus, the more you use it, the more you can build up your list of favourites making your shopping even easier and faster.

But, before you log on to shop and save, here are 5 top tips for Christmas shopping:

1. Buy your Christmas gifts in the way of boxed chocolates, wine, champagne and beauty gift sets at the same time so you can see where savings can be made and reduce delivery costs by having them delivered together. Delivery services are already getting booked up so it’s best to plan your order and book your delivery slot now to make sure you get the pre-Christmas slot that you want.

2. Watch out for crazy special offers on items that you buy regularly so you can use the opportunity to stock up on household and store cupboard items. It might cost you more now but with such huge savings around you can save yourself lots of money over the next few months.

3. Look out for vouchers that will help cut your order costs. There are often supermarket vouchers for ‘free delivery’ and ‘£XX money off your first order’. Click here to see today’s vouchers from across all the supermarkets; all in one place so it’s easier for you to see what’s available. Take the voucher code and enter it in the checkout section when you’re paying. Then the amount should be deducted from your final bill.

4. Have a look at the mySupermarket cashback program. It offers exclusive cashback when you purchase offer items via mySupermarket. All you need to do is add the items to your basket as you normally would, paying the full price. Then mySupermarket will give you back the money earned. Just register your PayPal account in the accounts section and the money will be paid into PayPal within 30 days of purchase.

5. Take advantage of the Christmas cashback promotion. You can earn 5% cashback on 1000’s of branded products when you purchase via mySupermarket before the 20th December. In fact, if you order twice it gets doubled to 10% cashback. The money gets paid into your PayPal account on 31st December, just in time to start the New Year off with some extra cash.

By Sara Flack

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