Can you help to create a stylish wheelchair?

How many wheelchairs have you seen that are useful, comfortable and stylish? I bet you can count the number on one hand, if you can think of any at all. Would you like to see one that encompasses all three of those key ingredients? Here’s how you can…

It’s the 21st century. Decades ago man walked on the moon and now we’ve got Star Trek-style communicators in our pockets (thankfully we’re not wearing Lycra body suits to match, although I give it till 2020, mark my words!).

So why, oh why, why are wheelchairs still trapped in the decade of flairs (that was first time around) and other ugly monstrosities we used to wear with pride. OK, that is just my view. But, I bet you, I’m not the only one…

My three-year-old son has just ordered his first wheelchair. The process was, how should I put it… interesting! Having took him to see some he said in disgust: “Mummy, that’s not for me is it?” How does a child so young have such an aversion to something he does not know, understand or have any great awareness of?  Thank God for the Wheelybug (in case you don’t know what that is, it’s the little red trailer with eyes that make it look like, you guessed it, a bug!) In his eyes it resembles a racing car; cool and fun.

But the wheelchairs of today are so far removed from this concept. During this shopping experience I found myself asking; “why would I buy one of these machines to put my beautiful child in?” The answer: I have no other choice!

I’m aware I am starting to rant. I could quite easily waste hours bemoaning the subject of these ‘machines’, devoid of innovation, style and any level of cool. I could discuss with eloquence my analysis of the market, manufacturers, vendors, prices, features and profits made on these ugly things, all with the bottom line that doesn’t really have the users’ desire to look good and be comfortable at heart.

Why, then, am I writing this article, you might ask? Well the answer is simple: I want to know WHAT DOES A GOOD WHEELCHAIR LOOK LIKE? I think I know, but who am I? I don’t use one, not at the moment anyway. But, frankly, I’d be amazed if anyone has ever actually asked this simple question? Ever!

And that is the key. To create a wheelchair that is the epitome of usefulness, comfort and style, you need to know from people who really use them, day in, day out. People who want to look good while living life freely as they do. People like you.

What does good look like? Please tell us in our quick survey. We can make a difference together… hopefully before we are all wearing Lycra body suits!

By David Rajan

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