DH Summit 2013

What will tower over subjects as important as the ones treated in the G8 Summits? What is gaining as much international recognition as the BRICS Summits? Yes, you’ve got it: DH Summit 2013!

It’s a well known story, that I will joyfully repeat for eternity, how Disability Horizons began. Srin and I were sat on a beach in LA, finishing our California roadtrip and dreamt up the concept of a positive online disability community. After 5 months of constant work on naming it, finding writers, creating a web platform and so on, was launched in April 2011!

Two years on, we have 20,000 readers, a constantly great supply of articles, helpful resources, amazing media coverage and political influence. This is down to – and with thanks to – you guys.

So, with a successful 2 years gone, we wanted to meet and thank some of you in person. Hence, on Saturday 29th June 2013, we are holding our first DH summit.

tobymildonToby Mildon, who works for the BBC and is a coach, is facilitating the summit. We have esteemed writer and producer Paul Carter running a workshop on video blogging. There will be a chance to meet myself, Srin and fellow Horizons readers too.

Overall, we hope to provide a fun, informative and insightful gathering. We want you to bring feedback on the website and offer fresh ideas, and help our community change the world for disabled people in the next 2 years, and beyond.

The event will be from 11.00-15.00, close to Kings Cross station. If you are interested in attending the summit, can get to central London, and have positive energy to share, then you just have to state (in no more than 145 characters) why you should attend this summit and/or describe any cool ideas you have for Disability Horizons in the future. You can do this by:

– writing below in the comments section of this post, or

– writing on Twitter using the hashtag #dhsummit13

We will review the entries, and contact the successful people early next week. Places are limited, so be quick and original. For those unable to attend, we will take photos and videos from the summit to share.

Hasta pronto!

By Disability Horizons


  1. I’d love to attend and be a part of the growing community of creative and informative disabled writers that together are changing the world, both with how society sees disability and how we ourselves. As someone who has worked in the media for 25 years I would also love to offer my help in running workshops or giving advice. But I also want to have the chance to pick the brains of the new talent coming up. Bravo DH for putting on the event! Just visit and drop me a line if you want me to help in any way.

  2. I want to tell people about the most accessible building at
    Oxford Uni & encourage disabled business people to take part in the
    Executive Education Programmes there.

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