3 ways to get closer to knowing your life purpose

More than once in our lifetime, we find ourselves asking questions about our life purpose, asking “Why am I here?” and “How can I discover and fulfil my mission in life?”. For some, the answers come very easily; but this is not the case for a lot of us and the uncertainty of our life purpose can be very frustrating.

Unfortunately, the answer is not readily available to us. There is no single reference, a book or website, that can give us an academic or practical answer to solve this mystery. One answer cannot be applied to everyone in general. And even when science seems to claim to have the answer, or at least a theory, about everything, there is not one research that can conclude every person’s purpose in life.

All of us want to be able to discover what we were brought to this earth for. We yearn to know the meaning of our existence and how we can make a difference in the world. As we get older, this yearning becomes much stronger and we find ourselves seeking ways to find the answer. Here are a few ways we can take to learn our purpose in life.


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Practicing meditation allows us to achieve greater inner clarity and awareness. If you have never tried meditation, there are classes and online courses that you can take so you may learn the proper way to meditate. One such site that offers online courses for meditation is The Chopra Centre, which offers basic meditation courses as well as more advanced online classes such as the Ayurveda online program and a course offering spiritual solutions to creating the life you love. By reaching into your mind and spirit, you are able to connect with your life purpose.

Consult a Psychic Reader

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If you find it difficult to meditate, as some people just cannot focus or relax, another way to seek the answer you are looking for is through the assistance of a psychic reader. A person with psychic power has the ability to know something without any logical reason, using their ‘sixth sense’ or extrasensory perception. One trusted online source for reputable psychic readers is TheCircle, with almost a hundred of psychic readers available online to accommodate people who need help with various aspects of their lives. Usually, a psychic reader uses meditation along with Tarot cards or crystals to connect with their client and better understand their future and get the answers to their questions.

Ask for Guidance from the Angels

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There are psychic readings that use the Angel cards, and these are called Angel card readings. These are done by Angel readers in a compassionate and loving way, providing divine guidance and insight from the Angels. Each Angel card has a message on it from Angels and Archangels and when drawn for your specific reading will give you a personalized guidance that relates to your life purpose. An article from CBN describes angels as “spiritual beings created by God to serve Him” and “very powerful beings who function as God’s messengers”. Since the guidance comes from the divine, every Angel reading gives a sense of relief, peace of mind, and calmness, as the Angels send healing to you during your Angel reading.

One’s search for our individual purpose in life need not be frustrating. Knowing the answer will involve a process and we should be willing to take the journey towards this discovery with an open mind and heart.

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