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Disability advice: here’s how to get where you want to be

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Helping our community achieve is, and will always be, at the heart of everything we do. So, to help you live the life you want, we’re launching the DHorizons Tribe. It’ll be a place to share, learn, support and be supported. Plus, download our Ultimate Disability Survival Guide to really kick-start your 2018 – it’s all FREE.

As our loyal readers will know, Disability Horizons was launched in the spring of 2011 by two ordinary disabled guys. Ever since then, it has supported disabled people, like you, in their everyday lives, through practical advice and inspirational articles.

Personal stories from our community are the backbone of Disability Horizons. They not only offer useful tips and motivation for others, they also help to educate society.

Together, we highlight the barriers disabled people still face today, both physical and within society. We also shine a light on the positives within the disability world – the technological advances, the obstacles being removed and the remarkable achievements of disabled people.

We show the world just how much disabled people can do.

From independent living to relationships, health to travel, technology to sport – Disability Horizons touches on every facet of disabled people’s lives. Our articles aim to give you self-esteem, upskill you with invaluable knowledge and ultimately, enable you to achieve your goals.

Achieving more together in 2018 and beyond

During our team chats in 2017, we felt there was so much more we could still do for, and with, our amazing community. That is you!

We already have an ever-growing and always engaged community. But we want to give people more. More ways to communicate with us and each other, more ways to access support and lend a helping hand to others, and more ways to learn how to shape the life you want.

So we’re excited to be launching the DHorizons Tribe! It’ll be an exclusive, closed group, where disabled people, like you, can get even more expert advice, and connect with others. All for FREE!

We’ll be partnering with experts, celebrities, and influencers to bring you video interviews, personal insights, top tips and more.

Our exclusive Disability Horizons Tribe will bring you closer to those living the life of your dreams. We’ve learned from our readers just how important it is to support each other. Only those facing similar challenges can share worries, be understanding, and offer solutions.

Our monthly video Q&As with CEO and Co-founder Martyn Sibley, tribe discussions, and community solidarity will ensure you find what you need.

Our first guest will be with us next week on Monday 15th. We’re excited to have Sean Stephenson discussing his amazing story, and sharing his top tips on how to have the confidence of a rock star. Without self-esteem, it’s almost impossible to overcome societal barriers, let alone carve out your dream life.

After Sean, we’ll have a successful disabled businessman discussing accessible properties, and then a famous Paralympian talking about their achievements. But this is only the beginning. So sign up to the DHorizons Tribe (by getting our free guide below) so you don’t miss a thing.

That’s not all…

The Ultimate Disability Survival Guide

To celebrate our launch we’re giving away our Ultimate Disability Survival Guide for free. This simple and effective guide shares insights, advice and will help you find personal solutions for your own challenges. It covers independent living, money, sex and relationships.

To download the guide, simply pop your name and email in the box below, and it will be sent straight to your inbox.

If you don’t already, you’ll also get our weekly entertainment, advice and opinion articles covering a whole host of topics, including sport, relationships, holidays, music, fitness, technology and much, much more.

To sign up for the DHorizons Tribe, where you can join in our discussions with experts and others like you, and hear about future guests, sign up with the box below.

One Comment

  1. I, for one, have been in a “what do I do?” mode for years because of a culmination of different disabilities. It’s one of those times when “one size does NOT fit” all situations. Epileptic {controlled with maintenance drugs} depression, anxiety, COPD {very mild}, no cartilage between my knees, Type 2 diabetes, and a spine that is crumbling which is exacerbated by obesity. So what does a 5′ 4″ woman of 65 who weighs 265 pounds do? Well, for starters I have been delving deeply into diabetic recipes that also are weight conscious. I never had diabetes until I gained and maintained all this weight. So, I’m hoping that while I control my diabetes I can lose the weight I need and the Type 2 will hit the road. As for the depression and anxiety I’ve gone through therapy which helped and became addicted to Klonepin which I am now weaning off of slowly as it is a controlled substance. It seems that pills seem to be a doctors be all end all answer to illnesses of all kinds. At least here in the USA anyway. I can stand/walk for very short periods of time. I can sit forever as long as I don’t twist left or right often. I live with pain daily…and it’s getting worse. There are no floor exercises I can do as I find it very hard to get back up. On the few times I’ve fallen it was all I could do to get up. Near tears I thanked the powers that be when I did get back up again. Swimming is a definite option and one I love to do. I have not dated for almost 20 years and I mean nothing during that time. Not even so much as a kiss. Why? To be honest I was still in love with my ex for many years after our split. Also, I felt it wouldn’t be fair to have someone get emotionally involved with someone whose mental, physical, and emotional state was far from perfect. Another reason was I had gained so much weight who would find me desirable so therefore I feared rejection. Also, there was the sex aspect. Though I still have a lively libido I questioned my ability to be able to satisfy my partner which is as important to me as for me being satisfied and is, in fact, a part of what satisfies me.
    Yet, at last I found a place to come if for no other reason than to share my situations. Situations that perhaps others can relate to. As much as my family loves me I realize that there is no way in hell that they could possibly fathom what I deal with. My thoughts. My feelings. What I’m experiencing. I’ve pretty much bared my soul on this post. Even at 65 I want….and am aiming for….a better life. I have a monthly stipend of $859.00 a month through Social Security which doesn’t allow a lot of free rein financially so to some extent I’m limited by that. The good news is that I’m finally {after many years} getting an auto so that affords me much more freedom. I love nature and will take full advantage of that with my wood carving and painting. Best of all, I’m extremely hopeful.

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