10 things a disabled person needs to know about their mother

A mother’s love is strong and unbreakable. She’s usually your biggest fan. But as a disabled person, do you worry about the effect your disability has had on your mother? Ahead of Mother’s Day, mother Tasneem Tarek, whose son Ali has Down’s syndrome, reminds us of the things disabled people should know about their mother’s love for them.

1. She was scared when she first found out about your disability

She felt lost and worried. But not because of your disability, but instead she was scared of making a mistake or failing to do her job perfectly. Perfection has been her aim – always wanting to do the absolute best for you, no matter what you’ve faced.

Tasneem as a baby

2. She was the first one to believe in you

She was the first person to love you and believes in every breath you take. You allow her to look at the world from a different angle – one that she hadn’t planned for.

3. She has super strength

She becomes the strongest woman for you and is ready to back you up in front of the whole world, despite all that she faces.

4. She accepts you

She introduces you to the whole world proudly, accepting the fact that you are different. No matter what, she will gain courage from your eyes, forcing everyone around to respect you.

5. She is proud of you!

Proud of every step you take, every milestone you achieve, so don’t pity her – she doesn’t need it.

6. You inspire and surprise her

You make her eager to see the new things you will do. She can’t wait to live a new experience with you, often different from everyone else, but even more special because of it.

Tasneem as a child with his mother

7. Persistence, patience and guilt are three companions to her

Through all the knockbacks you face, she insists on proving to the whole world that it is in the wrong – not you, no matter how long this takes. She will never stop doing it.

She also holds a sense of guilt if she is not there for you when you need her.

8. She knows you’re a wonderful person

Your cuteness is not just the way to everyone’s heart – it’s your cleverness too. You matter and the world needs you, just like it needs everyone else, and she’s determined to prove it.

9. She will stop anyone from asking “Is he/she normal?”

… Oh yes! He/she is normal! But he/she is not ‘typical’.

If anyone asks this, she reminds you that if the world was full of ‘normal’ people, your difference adds purity to your heart, a difference that’s not in the hearts of many other people.

10. She reminds you that life is not a race, so do it your own pace

And no matter what, she will be there watching and recording every step of the way…. Loving you unconditionally.

By Tasneem Tarek

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