How to apply for funding to improve your care

If you employ your own care and support, you can apply for money from Skills for Care to develop your skills as an ‘employer’ and to pay for training for your personal assistants (PAs). Skills for Care explains all about who is eligible and how to apply.

Who can apply for funding to improve your care?

Individuals who employ their own PA using a personal budget from health or social care, or their own money (also known as ‘self-funders’).

What can the funding pay for?

The funding can pay for training to develop your skills as an employer and the skills of your personal assistants.

It can pay for lots of courses including:

  • being a good boss
  • moving and assisting
  • first aid
  • health and safety
  • communication skills.

It can also cover the cost of travel and hiring a replacement PA whilst your usual PA(s) attend training.

Each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

If you want to do some training but you’re not sure if it will be funded, please call Skills for Care on 0113 241 1275 or email

Disabled man with personal care assistant at a cinema

How to apply for funding

It’s easy to apply! Visit the Skills for Care website and download the application form. Fill it in and send it back before Friday 28 February 2020.  

Find out more about employing your own care support

Employing your own PA gives you the choice and control over who supports you and when.

Visit the Information hub for individual employers and PAs’ to find out more.

By Skills for Care

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