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How you can easily find disabled parking to suit you

Blue Badge parking has hit the headlines recently – eligibility rules have changed, and there’s been some concern about the number of spaces available. But why is Blue Badge parking so important and, more importantly, how can you ensure you find a suitable space for you? AccessAble reveals all…

We don’t have to tell you how much the right parking space can impact your day. It can turn a relaxing, fun day with into a stressy pain that you might have to cut short. We know that’s simply not fair.

That’s why we sent AccessAble champion Holly Greader out in her local area of Cardiff to show you how AccessAble’s FREE website and app can help you to find those all-important accessible parking spaces.

If you are interested in days out and adventures, why not download the free AccessAble app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store – or visit

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