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Smart and assistive technology and the future of healthcare

Smart and assistive technology is redefining the way we live our lives. It’s changing everything from how we entertain ourselves to managing our homes – it’s even helping us to monitor our health and fitness. Pharmacy2U, which offers an online prescription service aimed at making your life easier, looks at how technology can help disabled people live better.

A nation of subscribers

Technology is playing an increasingly profound role in all our lives. Radical advancements in processing power, AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics are altering the very nature of our society, impacting everything from how we socialise to the way we buy things.

In fact, new figures show that an estimated 62% of the adult UK population are subscribed to an online service. 

Healthcare is one of the traditional industries being revolutionised by change, giving newfound power and hope to those with a disability or long-term health condition.

Check out Pharmacy2U’s online prescription service to see how it can help you stay on top of your medication and avoid ever running out.

Innovative solutions to age-old problems

Although we’ve moved away from leeches, bloodletting and suspect potions, as our understanding of medical science and anatomy has increased, the way healthcare is administered has remained largely unchanged for centuries.

Treatments are still prescribed by a medical professional in much the same way as they’ve always been.

Advancements in technology are finally opening the door to significant change that could improve lives for patients. 

We’re beginning to see robotics change the way frontline healthcare staff are supported. Cutting-edge robotics are starting to assist in monitoring and moving patients. They’re even starting to be included more frequently in surgical procedures.

As the world’s leading healthcare provider, the NHS is always exploring ways of using new technologies to help patients in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is one such advancement, allowing GPs to send prescriptions directly to a pharmacy. This potentially saves valuable time and resources for frontline NHS services and their patients.


Dis from the word disabled covered by a hand posting a prescription to spell enabled

Here at Pharmacy2U, we’re looking to shake up the healthcare industry by harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology. As the UK’s first online pharmacy, we’re offering patients an easier way to manage their prescriptions.

Our service cuts out the need to leave your home altogether, which could be a great help if you have mobility problems or varying levels of energy that sometimes stops you completely from getting out.

Instead of having to first take your repeat prescription to your GP, all you have to do is place an order on our website, through the Pharmacy2U app, or over the phone. We’ll work with your GP to take care of the rest*.

Once your GP has approved your prescription, they can send it electronically to their UK-based pharmacists, who’ll dispense and dispatch it to an address of your choice.

Plus, to avoid running out of essential medications, we’ll even send you handy reminders when it’s time to order your next lot.

It’s a service that is revolutionising healthcare for those with long-term health conditions and disabilities or limited access to a traditional pharmacy as it means cutting down on unnecessary trips to the GP surgery.

*NHS repeat prescription service only available to patients registered with a GP in England and if your surgery needs you to order directly, we’ll tell you how to do this.

To learn more about the service, visit the Pharmacy2U website. You can download the Pharmacy2U app for iPhone or Android.

By Pharmacy2U

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