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Thinking outside of the box if you’re disabled can make your sex life explosive

We want to break the taboo around talking about sex and disability. Everyone, no matter what their disability or health condition, should be able to enjoy sex and pleasure. That’s why we’re publishing a series of sex stories from people with different disabilities talking openly about their experiences.

This week, we’re sharing the second of a two-part story about how approaching your sex life differently if you’re blind – or have any other disability – could make it even more amazing.

Read the first part of this story – being blind doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy sex.

I’m Jayne Harrison and despite being almost totally blind since birth, I have the most wonderful sex life with my husband, Chris.

The elephant in that sentence is, of course, the word ‘despite’. SighteSpice up your sex life: top toys and positions for disabled peopled people would argue that for great sex you need to be able to see. Most of society assumes that because of my visual impairment, I’m not allowed to have a sex life.

Indeed, some people might tell me that somehow it’s weird for a woman with my condition to be sexually aware. If they ever did, I’d tell them that they are completely wrong. Our sex life is different in some ways, but then who wants to be routine? I never have done and I never will.

I may not have my sight, but I have all my other senses and I use them to the full when Chris and I are in bed (or on the living-room floor, in the kitchen, in the bathroom or wherever else takes our fancy!).

And my touch, taste, smell and hearing play a bigger role in my sex life than they may do in the lives of sighted people. Here’s how.

Using all of my other senses

In the first part of this story, I alluded to Chris being extremely well-built down below (I think it’s something to do with being a rugby player!). One of our favourite things is for me to unzip his trousers, plunge my hand into his pants and feel his cock grow to what seems enormous proportions.

I can’t see it but I can certainly feel it, and he tells me how much he loves how I masturbate him to full erection then start to perform oral sex on him, sucking, kissing and licking until he cums.

Chris also loves it when I suck a boiled sweet while performing on him. It sends him into ecstasy and gives his cum the most amazing taste – ladies, you should definitely try it sometime.

Last time, I also mentioned my pierced nipple. Rolling my fingers around it while Chris (or probably both of us) masturbate is the most amazing feeling. It’s one of the quickest ways I know to bring myself to orgasm.

I also love the feeling of Chris licking his tongue around it or sometimes rubbing it with his penis. How many other couples have that manoeuvre as part of their sexual repertoire, I wonder?

Touch is also important in other areas, not just when I masturbate Chris. I have no idea how other women feel when they play with themselves, but I very rarely have a feeling of anything other than electric sparks going through me.

This is especially that case when I have one hand on my pierced nipple and the other enthusiastically exploring my clit!

And we love the feeling of touching each other’s naked bodies all over. PIV sex (penis in vagina) doesn’t have to come into it.

We can just lie next to each other, stroking and sometimes spanking each other with our varied collection of dildos, vibrators, strokers, paddles or feathers. The sensation of a vibrator buzzing away on my nipple or a paddle on my bum is amazing!

And I love how I can smell Chris as soon as he walks into a room, whether it be the smell he exudes when he comes back after 80 minutes of exertion on a rugby field, or the smell of his manly perfume as we are just preparing to go out for an evening.

Sometimes, I persuade him not to jump straight into the shower at the club after a game but come straight home. It means I can strip his kit off and enjoy that smell as I lay my head on his naked chest before we go upstairs to shower together – heaven!

Your mind is an important sexual organ

It’s often said that the brain is the most important sexual organ. That’s really true for us because both Chris and I have imaginations that can work wonders (you noticed?).

Erotica is really important for us. Rarely does a week go by when we don’t spend an evening curled up naked on the sofa with a good collection of erotic short stories.

You should see our bookshelves; it’s a good job we don’t use them as a background for too many Zoom calls!.

We’ve found a website that specializes in producing erotica for people who prefer or need audiobooks, and I have a specialist MP3 player on which we can listen together.

Alternatively, if I’m in the mood for a little self-pleasure while I listen, Chris reads to me and I……well, there are a number of things I get up to, but you can use your imagination, can’t you?

I guess what I’m saying is that if you use a little imagination, think outside the box and expand your opinion of what sex can and should be, anything is possible.

A friend of ours gave us a surprising Christmas present last year – a list of 75 ways to have sex that don’t include penetration. Some of them aren’t for us, but we’ve tried and enjoyed plenty of them in recent months.

Bringing new ideas into your sex life is something that not enough people do. Because we’ve had to think differently about sex throughout our relationship, we’re used to it and it’s something we highly recommend. I hope I’ve given you a few ideas to try out yourself!

By Jayne Harrison

Read the first part of Jayne’s sex story – being blind doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy sex.

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