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How you can enjoy magical adventures with an all-terrain power wheelchair

All Terrain Wheelchairs is a company that equips disabled people with high-quality, versatile wheelchairs that allow them greater and safer access to outdoor adventures.

Here you can find out more about what All Terrain Wheelchairs does, the types of wheelchairs available and how you can get an all-terrain power wheelchair of your own.

About All Terrain Wheelchairs

For more than 15 years, we have been supplying a range of specialist wheelchairs, designed to provide better access to the great outdoors!  

Regardless of whether you need to use a wheelchair to get around or are non-disabled, the health benefits of engaging with nature and being outdoors are well documented.

To help you access the great outdoors, we provide the very best equipment to break down the physical barriers that many disabled people experience, allowing everyone to be comfortably and confidently outdoors.  

As well as benefitting wheelchair users, our team sees on a daily basis how our chairs impact whole families, enabling them to live, work and play together.

Already working within the disability industry and recognising a space in the market, Richard Kusnierz started All Terrain Wheelchairs in 2007 and sought to bring an appropriate product to the market.  

Aware of the Magic Mobility range of powerchairs being manufactured in Australia, Richard met with the team and soon became the first UK company to sell its product range.

We still proudly work alongside Magic Mobility to supply a great range of specialist powerchairs.   

Richard said: “Working closely with the manufacturers allows us the flexibility to modify all of our powerchairs to suit the individual, as we know that no two people are the same”.

How our power wheelchairs help you gain access to the great outdoors

Covering the whole of the UK, we offer home demonstrations, assessments, servicing and maintenance of our all-terrain power wheelchairs.  The experience and expertise that the last 15 years have given us mean Richard and his team provide the highest level of customer care.  

Offering the very latest technology and built to last, all of our powerchairs are designed with every detail tailored to suit.  We will work alongside our customers and therapists to ensure we provide the perfect end product.

Our all-terrain powerchair range

Our range of powerchairs includes the Extreme X8, Frontier V6, Frontier V4 and the latest addition to the range – the Magic 360.  

Magic 360

360 Magic all terrain wheelchair in red

The Magic 360 is the world’s most versatile, compact powerchair with off-road capacity!  

Tailored for the world you live in, the Magic 360 lets you configure the body style of the chair to suit your individual tastes. With a choice of urban, crossover or off-road drive wheels, the powerchair allows you to select the wheels for the adventure you choose.  

It’s the first powerchair that’s compact enough to move easily indoors but also equipped with everything you need for the great outdoors.   

Extreme X8

This chair is perfect for outdoor adventurers, explorers, agricultural workers and beachgoers! It is fully 4-wheel drive and will take the user to just about any terrain, including mountains, rocky paths, woodland trails and sandy dunes.  

Being the most compact 4-wheel drive powerchair on the market, it also has the benefit of being easily transportable and flexible enough to fit through a standard doorway.  

Frontier V6 and Frontier V4

The Frontier powerchairs include the mid-wheel Frontier V6, which is a fantastic performer both indoors and out.  Its size makes it a versatile option for tighter indoor spaces, but its off-road capability is impressive, taking the user from flat paths to rocky trails with ease.  

Another option is the rear wheel version – the Frontier V4, a great maneuverable chair, which also gives you the choice to go off-road or indoors.

Both of the Frontier chairs allow you to choose off-road or Town Wheels, making them a good option for an everyday chair.

Expanding our range of power wheelchairs

We will be expanding the range of powerchairs we offer in 2023, incorporating the Sunrise Medical Q range, offering more choice and flexibility, but with our mission still at the heart of everything we do.  

How to buy an all-terrain powerchair

You can contact our team to book a free home visit or arrange to view the range of chairs at our site in Shropshire. Our website provides some good information and advice to get you started on your powerchair journey. 

Financial support for purchasing an all-terrain power wheelchair

As a company, we don’t offer our own finance package, but we do work with Ideal4Finance, who will check an individual’s eligibility.

Alternatively, we have a finance page on our website, offering some basic powerchair funding advice. There is a list of charities whom we have worked with recently, again an individual would need to check their eligibility as we are not affiliated with any organisations.

Some customers self-fund and many come through insurance claims or even Access to Work. We do accept PIP payments and NHS vouchers.

To find out more or book an assessment, visit the All Terrain Wheelchairs website, email or call on 01952 471255.

By All Terrain Wheelchairs

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