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  1. Cosford air show states it’s highly accessible even by train yet when I attended this years event on my own and by train for the first time and I asked the train station I was using to travel to the event, I was told it was accessible even with my wheelchair. I then found out when I got to there Cosford platform that it wasn’t then I was made to go to another accessible platform and wait 2hrs for a taxi they assured me would be waiting to take me all because they wouldn’t allow me to slowly walk with my crutches down the stairs and someone bring my manual foldable wheelchair down. Taking my wheelchair down they didn’t mind but they wouldn’t allow me to walk down the steps or even scoot down on my bum down the steps even I tried to ask why and they refused to let me I felt like my independence was stripped from me and demoralised. Just being disabled and not being able to walk very far and dealing with crippling pain hence I use a wheelchair to get about. They made it such an issue and ruined a day out I had been looking forward to instead I was stressed out felt like a burden and had my independence stripped from me. I eventually got there and missed 3hrs of the show and even then it had put a dampener on the day but I tried to enjoy myself. I got talking to a lovely lady at the guide dogs stand she was blind with a labradoodle guide dog she helped me find some event people to talk to about the transport issues I had getting to the show and they came and said they would help me get back onto the platform and home. These to RAF officers as well as a police officer at the train station helped me to access the platform they took my wheelchair up to the top and I walked slowly up the steps and I went on the train home just fine yet they wouldn’t allow me to do that earlier in the morning but I could on the way home. So why couldn’t they do that in the first place and let me walk down the steps, I have a light foldable chair that is easily wheeled or carried but I guess they just wanted to be awkward as hell and not let me be a little independent. They gave me the wrong info at the train station and then ruined my day even more by being awkward.
    Can anyone help with making a complaint to Cosford air show and trains.

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