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Assistive Tech & Products

8 stylish and functional adaptive clothing brands for disabled people

We share our collection of some adaptive clothing brands, all of which have discreet, accessible fastenings, wider openings and wheelchair-friendly…

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Being blind doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable

Clare Beetham, who is blind, breaks myths around visually impaired people not being fashionable, and how the fashion industry needs…

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Fashion faux pas: industry cuts out disabled people

In our recent survey with disability charity Leonard Cheshire, we found that 75% of disabled people's needs are not being…

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Mayor with prosthetic leg faced online abuse over wearing flat shoes

A mayor with a prosthetic leg faced online 'abuse' because she wore flat shoes. She fears this will discourage other…

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Entertainment & Culture

My catwalk debut in an inclusive fashion show for wheelchair users

Disability Horizons' Deputy Editor Shannon recently took part in an inclusive fashion show for wheelchair users. Read on to find…

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Work & Education

GlamSticks: the story of these designer mobility aids

Listen Debbie Deboo, creator of designer mobility aids company GlamSticks, shares her video-story of why GlamSticks was created, the popularity…

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